Friday, 18 February 2011

Lovedrobe at Evans...

The brand Lovedrobe, is back once again, with a new range at Evans. Previously, Lovedrobe and Evans, were under scrutiny for only going up to a limited dress size. I'm happy to say, that issue has now been rectified, and now the Lovedrobe range is 14-32. I have to say, this range is one of my of my favorites, so far. I'm loving the ruffles, pastel-colours, and overall femininity design of this collection.

My Top Lovedrobe Picks :

For more info please visit :

What are your favorite Lovedrobe pieces? Drop me a comment and let me know!


BBM said...

oh my word, that blue dress is seriously calling my name. how lovely! lacara, ure making me broke! lol! have a wonderful weekend pretty girl! xoxo!

LaCara said...

Hahaha sorrrrry!! You know when I saw that blue dress, I automatically thought of you! You'd totally rock that dress!!

Thanks m'lovley!!


Mode Plus said...

I'm leaning towards the middle one. I can easily add color if I want to or go totally neutral. Pff, why are there so many cute plus size stuff out there?
Speak to you soon <3

IcedGem said...

Hya! great picks as always, i'm liking the first one, cute :) xx

Thick Threads said...

that flower dress on the top is amazing. Thanks for making me spend money! :P
great post :)


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