Friday, 25 February 2011

My Hectic Fashion Week : Fashion Mavericks Part I

WARNING:  Long post ahead...

Hello my darlings! I'm so sorry for being MIA, but it's been a whirlwind of a week! As there is so much to tell you, I've decided to break up my recap into parts, so bare with me! :)

Pictures courtesy of Fashion Mavericks

Top : Enya Patricia
Bottom : Kiki Kamanu

The first fashion event I attended, was the Fashion Mavericks Feb 20-21st. It ties into LFW, as it showcases up and coming new talent :

"Fashion Mavericks is an event which aims to showcase and introduce new & independent designers. As it's in the hub of all activity this forum of fabulous fashion bodies will add some excitement to the weeks events by providing a great event with great people to network, see, breath and talk fashion. The event consists of timely catwalk shows and an open space exhibition open to all." -

I was able to go behind the scenes, and watch most of the shows. It took place at the Strand Hotel, which is less than a minute away from Somerset House, where LFW was taking place.

As you could imagine, backstage was extremely hectic and busy, as everyone whizzed around, trying to get everything prepared in time. I tried to stay out of the way (as much as possible), but I was then I was bombarded by a camera guy, and his huge glaring camera, and he wanted to interview me. Mind you, I only just arrived, so it caused my anxiety levels to creep up ever so slightly. Fortunately for me, Marian (who was one of the make-up artists for the day), came to my rescue, and touched my make-up while I gathered my thoughts. After my make-up was re-touched, off I went to be interviewed, and guys, I had an Ugly Betty moment LOL! (Remember when Betty had the make-up malfunction on live TV? Well it was something along those lines, but not as bad!) I never knew camera lights were so hot, lesson learnt!

After my 5 seconds of fame ended, I had to get down to business. I wanted to get as much footage as possible, and observe the fast paced action. It was interesting to see how much works goes into a production of this magnitude, and it isn't glamorous or easy work! It takes a lot of dedication, to pull something like this off, so I admire everyone who helped bring this event together. The make-up and hair was provided by the amazing Beauty Base London team  led by Juliet Osodi, who worked non-stop against the clock, to produce a professional polished look on all the models.

The first show started around 2:30 pm, and the designer was Enya Patricia, she showcased her A/W 2011 collection, "Obsession". Her collection is a mixture of leather, fur, and feminine shapes. The collection is a play on words, it represents women who have one thing in common; their "obsession" with fashion. The feminine silhouettes, the textured materials, and chic colour palette, represents the sense of power within these women, "they are united and strong whilst maintaining their femininity and tranquility."

Pictures courtesy of  Gavin Thorn

My Verdict : I really liked this collection, Enya, was such a pleasure to be around, and was really nice. By the use of beautiful masks, and bold make-up, the show had a dramatic effect. It gave the show more depth, and added a touch of mystery.

The next show started roughly around 3:30 pm, and the designer was Kiki Kamanu, she showcased her RTW lines Omakaa and Z.bird. Omakaa is her formal wear line, synonymous with being "confident, regal, and unique." Whereas Z.bird is the casual wear line, with playful avant garde designs, bold fabrics, and colourful prints. 

Pictures courtesy of Gavin Thorn

My Verdict : This collection is definitely different, and has strong African inspired designs, with a modern twist. I really liked the shoulder details on the dresses, and the handbags (which I don't have pictures of sorry!!) were amazing! Not to mention, the make-up was stunning, and eye catching!

The last show of the day, roughly started around 4:30pm, was Hamra Alam who showcased her recent collection. Her collections are a "fusion of styles and textures, for the modern contemporary woman." She designs corporate clothing for many malls and hotels, within Dubai, Qatar, and Bahrain.

Pictures courtesy of Gavin Thorn

My Verdict :  The collection is "majestic" and has a dramatic flair. The make-up was a bold Arabic look, which magnified the beauty and intensity of the collection. I adored, the zebra print Abayas (cover up/over garment), it was embellished with swarovski crystals!

For more info please visit :

Stay tuned for part two!! More shows, more fashion, and more details!!

What are your thoughts? Do you like any of these designers?
 Drop me a comment, and let me know!!


Weesha said...

oh wow! talk about exciting, you're so lucky you got to experience this first hand! and the clothes look fab, I'm loving enya's collection.

LaCara said...

Thank you sweetie! I couldn't believe it myself lol! Enya's collection was stunning! :D


Mode Plus said...

You really took us there with your post. I never heard of this designer before. Love the semi animal print on the trousers.

LaCara said...

Thank you! :D


May said...

Totally agree!
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