Thursday, 17 February 2011

OneStopPlus A/W 2011 Show....

OneStopPlus had their live stream fashion show today, and there was much anticipation to see to see the "Sultrous Garden" collection. Before the show even started, there were over 500 viewers, waiting, and socialising via the livechat box. I was able to get some insight of what was expected. Majority, were expecting more body conscious pieces, a diverse range of models, and a innovative and engaging show. However, when the show started, it became clear that it wasn't a "live runway"; in fact it was a pre-recorded show with the stunning plus-size model Robyn.

The music, theme, and tone, was fantastic! It was modern with a vintage twist, so I had high expectations for the clothes. The first few pieces caught my attention, like the electric blue thigh high split dress, the floral cape, and the purple sequin skirt, along with much more. I also loved the gold Grecian inspired accessories, and the long ruched leather gloves, they added the perfect touch to most of the outfits. I also adored, the color palette, rustic reds, deep purples, pops of green etc, which is bang, on trend for A/W 2011.

However, as the show progressed, there were some pieces that were not my forté. There was a lot of loose shapes, shimmer/sequins, velvet; which would've been nice, if had been featured in one or two outfits, not majority of the whole collection. I would've liked to seen more structure, innovative designs, and an actual live runway show.

In all honesty, the show was not what I expected. I thought it was going to be like last year, but with more edgier pieces, along with a diverse group of plus-size models. However, I did like the concept, and the fact that it was broadcast live in New York's Times Square. This being OneStopPlus first ever live stream, it was a trial and error, and they got it semi-right. They've taken on board all the feedback that they've recieved, and are already brainstorming for the next fashion week. Although the show wasn't perfect, I look forward to what OSP comes up with next!

My Favorite Looks :

My Least Favorite Looks :

To watch the show, and for more info & pics please visit :

Did you watch the show? If so, what are your thoughts? Drop me a comment, and let me know!

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