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Viva la Curves! : Plus-Size-Tall Modelling Competition Final!

WARNING : I have another long post for you, and it's extremely picture heavy! Enjoy! ;D

On Saturday, I attended the anticipated Plus-Size-Tall modelling competition final, that was sponsored by Evans, for an exclusive behind-the-scene view of the day. I was extremely happy and surprised, that I was invited to the event, but I'm so glad that I was able to go, because it was simply amazing.

The final, took place at the stylish Avalon club in Shoreditch, and as usual I was worried about being late, so my mom & I arrived an hour early! However I wasn't the only one, some of the fabulous contestants were already outside waiting in the fierce weather.

I was greeted with warm smiles and hugs! So I pushed my nerves to the side,  jumped straight in, and mingled! I was blown away, not only by their beauty, but by their overall friendliness, and how welcoming they were. Shortly after, the event organisers Aimee & Thibault joined us. We were then joined by Mai Lee's awesome Beauty Base team, and more lovely contestants. We stood outside roughly around a good hour, before were let in, (crazy I know!) but it was worth it in the end!

V.I.P Room - this is where the show took place!

We were finally allowed into the venue, and inside was simply gorgeous! It was extremely polished, and classy. I've never seen anything quite like it, the club has a distinct unique decor. As soon as we began to get warm, it was down to business, and Thibault gave us an overview for the day. First thing up was hair & beauty, so all of the ladies proceeded downstairs, to get dolled up. So while we were downstairs, we found to our surprise, some random guy sleeping on a sofa! Fortunately, he didn't bother us, and the girls were able to get dressed quickly and safely, without any prying eyes. 

While some of the girls got their hair & make-up done, the rest were ushered upstairs for their "walking in heels" lesson, with the beyond amazing Chyna Whyne! She was the runway coach for Britain's Next Top Model! It was such an awesome opportunity to meet her, and see her in action! She is so friendly and caring, even though she was only booked for an hour, she stayed the whole day, to cheer the girls on! She has her own studio in London, and teaches women how to walk in heels, using the "Alexander" technique. So if you're in London, and you don't know how to walk in heels, then Chyna is your woman, she'll have you strutting your stuff in no time!

The girls had numerous of rehearsals, and they got better each time! The girls were so loving and supporting of one another, it was so moving to see such unity, it truly didn't feel like a competition, it felt like one big party! Each of them were different shapes and sizes, and their beauty just shined through, and each of them had a story to tell. They've truly bonded, and that gave the day such a positive vibe, they were a joy to be around. Meeting these amazing women, was the highlight of my day, I felt so comfortable around them, I honestly feel like I've known them for a lifetime.

Lunch time rolled around, and we had a light buffet. The audience and judging panel arrived, and there was one special lady in particular that I was excited to meet! I finally got to meet the beautiful Lauren from Pocket Rocket Fashion!! It was nice to finally see her, she is such a sweetie! 

The girls were allowed to relax for a little bit, before they had to get ready for the show. Which was nice, because they were worked so hard, so they deserved a little rest. The real finale came before we knew it, and nerves were running high, but the ladies looked fabulous! If you didn't know that this event was a modelling competition, you would've thought they were professional models. The first part of the show was the casual wear, all the girls were dressed in a white t-shirt & jeans, and they accessorised their outfits themselves. They worked their curves, and the crowd cheered them on. The second part of the show was the black evening wear, all the girls looked stunning! They walked out in sets 3's, they were asked 3 questions each, and they all did magnificent.

I wasn't able to get pictures or video footage of the real show, because my batteries died! But I will always have the memories. I think Plus-Size-Tall & Evans did a fantastic job for this event, although everything was slightly hectic, overall the day was brilliant. I'm glad that I was able to attend an event that had genuine diversity, and promoted beauty in all shapes in sizes.

I just want to say, Jasmin, Jane, Hannah, Catia, Heather, Kelsey, Emma H, Georgina, Emma D, Serena, Yemisi, Martha, Louise, and Lorna, all of you are beautiful women, and you are truly amazing! I wish all of you could go to Las Vegas for the Curvy Revolution! But you're all winners, and you all achieved so much on Saturday! I'm very lucky to have met you, you ladies rock! Best of luck, to all of you! :D

Congratulations to Kelsey who is the Plus-Size-Tall UK winner!! She is going to rock Las Vegas!! Also, well done to the runner ups Serena & Georgina , you both were amazing!!

It was such a special experience, the day started wonderful, and ended magnificent! I wish all of my readers could have been there, to experience what I did, hopefully my writing does this event justice. This event surpassed my expectations, and turned out better than my wildest dreams. I hope that Plus-Size-Tall & Evans make this a yearly event, because this was a mile-stone, for promoting all types of beauty. I think it's time that society and the fashion industry, is exposed to more than one concept of "beauty". Everyone is different, and I think that's true beauty in itself.
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Enjoy the pictures!! <3


Avalon Club Reception

V.I.P. Room

       The Fabulous Contestants    :

Lorna, Louise, Hannah, and Georgina <3

Kelsey, Catia, Jane, and Emma H <3

Jasmin <3

Heather & Jane <3

Lorna <3

Serena <3

Hannah, Heather, and Jane <3

Jasmin & Emma H <3

Catia <3

Georgina <3

Chyna <3

Yemisi <3

 Georgina, Lorna, Jane, Heather, and Catia <3

Emma D, Emma H, Jane, Chyna, Catia, Martha <3

Kelsey, Catia, myself, and Jasmin <3

Much love ladies!!!


Anika said...

I am so PROUD of you sweetie, well done you for going! I love you! Thank you for sharing this great post on what seems like a fab event. Great pictures, beautiful women and such amazing surroundings :) soon we will be getting our pics taken together in London! Can`t wait. <3

heatherjane said...

Hey,Hey,Hey.......Miss Lacara.......wot an awesome blog you have,and a great post...thankyou SOOOOOOOO much......We're all so thrilled to have met you too.....keep up the fantastic work,you beautiful lady.....much love, Heather xxx

Mode Plus said...

I loved the overload. I think u'r very talented and glad to see u in that dress. Wooooooow!! I'm much more excited to meet u in London. A big hug :)

Lianna Marie said...

Wish I could have gone with you and mom looks like you had a wonderful time :) <3<3

LaCara said...

Thank you ladies!!

@ Anika - Thank you for your kind words!! You're so lovely! :D

@ Heather - Hey pretty lady, I'm glad you liked the post! Can't wait to see you again!

@ Nefferth - Thank you gorgeous!! I appreciate your support! :D

@ Lianna - Next time boo! I love you!


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