Thursday, 13 January 2011

Enhance your Curves....

Kim Kardashian recently rocked an optical illusion dress designed by the late, great Alexander McQueen. This dress specifically gives the impression of curves, (not that Kim, needs any help in that department), it truly emphasised her curvy figure. However if you can't afford the expensive price tag, I've found some great alternatives at a cheaper price, to enhance your curves.

Look for dresses that have color blocking, draping, or pleats, as they will nip you in the waist, to create a curvier silhouette.

Kim Kardashian in McQueen

Curvy Alternatives :

Evans - Printed Drape Pocket Dress - £55.00

The black panelling at the sides, draws your eyes inwards to your waist, automatically creating a curvy shape.

Dorothy Perkins - White Smudge Pleat Dress - £35.00

The pleating on this dress, emphasises a small waist, which gives you the perfect hourglass figure.

ASOS Curve - Printed Fitted Waist Dress - £30.00

Featuring soft layered sleeves and tulip style skirt, it nips in at the waist creating killer curves with subtle pleating.

What do you think of Kim K's figure-hugging dress? Drop me a comment, and let me know!


Mode Plus said...

Aha, you got to have guts to rock that dress. I love the DP alternative. <3

LaCara said...

Hmmmm indeed! But isn't that what fashion is all about? Trying new things and being confident :D


NikStar said...

OMG! I soooooo love the McQueen dress she's rockin. I really want one lol But I suppose my pockets will have to settle for an alternative!

Lauren D said...

That McQueen dress is out of this world, oh em gee. The Dorothy Perkins one is amazing in its own right, as well. Definitely want to try it on for size :D

Lauren xx
Pocket Rocket

Curvy Debbie said...

Kim is so beautiful, she is curvy!!

Unfortunately i like the asos dress but they dont have my size!!!

Anika said...

Well, so looks INCREDIBLE!I love your alternatives, very inspirational and fresh. Would like to make something like that for spring :) <3

BBM said...

dayyynnggg.... kim is seriously curvaceous! i want her! lol! i love ure pick of that evans dress. i want it bbbaaaddd. hope 2011 is treating u great so far love!

mode. said...

wow! love the McQ, of course, he's my fave. thanks for sharing!
<3 mode.

Vanessa said...

The McQueen dress is flat-out gorgeous, but seriously? What wouldn't be on Kim K! I think you found some great other (more affordable) examples. The Evans dress is a stunner! Good selections!

Anonymous said...

All the dresses are amazing.
I love them all.
Thanks for sharing.
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