Friday, 5 November 2010

Please help Kristie!

Please help Kristie Tunick, by re-posting this video and spreading the message around!  I know a lot of you have your own life to deal with (I do too) , but we can send out a prayer, a positive thought, or even make a donation, to those in need. Kristie, is a beautiful and strong woman who needs our help. Her insurance company, the doctors, all those who have the means to help her, have let her down tremendously. I know she's not the only one who suffers from MS,  but if we can get this video to be viral, and get the media's attention, we can make a difference. If this gets to the main stream media, not only will we be helping Kristie, but all of those who suffer from MS.

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To watch her story go to :

Let's make a difference! Spread the word!

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