Friday, 5 November 2010

Fashion Games...

Have you ever heard of "fashion games" or "dress up games"? You know the virtual doll, that you can dress up, create different outfits, do her make-up etc? Well if not, I'm going to tell you about it. Now before you laugh and say :

"Pshhh, I'm too old for childish games! Aren't you too old for these games?!"

Fashion games, can offer unique inspiration, and provide entertainment at the same time.

Granted, yes I'm 18, but my love for fashion is profound, so it's a win/win (not to mention, I get bored sometimes!). Also, I'm a visual person, so playing these games, actually help me to create a 'real-life' outfit. There are loads of sites out there that offer fashion games, but I usually just stick to my top 3, which are :

Roiworld - This fashion game website has always been my favorite, especially since Lifetime took over. It takes fashion games to the next level, you can dress up celebrities, create different outfits, and make-up looks. There is a wide variety of everything, available.

I-Dressup - Has a wide variety of games and categories, I particularly enjoy their 'Designer' section, they actually use the fashion pieces you see on the runway in their games, what fashionista could resist the temptation to play!

Dressup Games - Is a directory for fashion games, there are so many categories and games to choose from, so you'll be spoiled for choice.

Now, as in the "real fashion world", the "virtual" fashion world also lacks plus-size representation. However, I did manage to find one plus-size game, (which I'm totally in love with!) that is fashionable, and allows you to create endless combinations of outfits.

This game is fabulous! You won't be disappointed, give it a go!

Every Girl's Plus-Size Dress Up Game :

Fashion games, are really useful, especially if you are an inspiring stylist or you would like to improve your own style, these games can allow you to experiment freely and creatively. So go have some fashionable fun!

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charmed-chick said...

just played plus sized dress up fun :D x

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