Friday, 5 November 2010

Wants of the Week : Evans

Belted Faux Fur Gilet - £39.50

Blue Jaquard Printed Dress - £55.00

Red Stud Mesh Babydoll - £35.00

Purple Velvet Over the Knee Boots - £49.50

Faux Fur Across Body Bag - £25.00

Fishscale Chandelier Earrings - £8.50

All of these items can be found and purchased on Evans website & instore.

Also, has anyone noticed that Evans is now stocking "Love Drobe", I know they are a online fashion store, but it seems Evans has more things available, than they do on their own website. :/


dc said...

The purple velvet boots and the faux fur bag are awesome, so chic and stylish!

Natalie Mulford said...

I want the Purple Velvet Over the Knee Boots soooo bad, but I can't justify spending around $100au on a pair of boots I'm not sure how often I'd wear! But they are sooooo gorgeous!!

LaCara said...

@ DC - Ohh yes! These are my favorite items out of them all! :D

@ Natalie - They are gorgeous! I love how vibrant the color is! Hmmm yeah I hear ya! But looking at the heel length, I think I will invest in these, because the heels aren't to tall, so I can walk in them :)


StephanieDJL said...

I love the fur gilet, I need to work some fur into my wardrobe I think! I've been eyeing up the NL fur coat but I need some £££ :(

jamie-lee said...

Can see myself becoming obsessed with that little red number!

Screamyourfeelingsout. said...

Hi there,

how are you?
I just found your blog &. I think it's amazing.

Maybe you can visit mine &. we can follow eachother?

+ soon there will be a new giveaway!

kind regards, Valerie

Anika Sweetfaced Style - Self Worth Activist said...

Hi my lovely, how are you? I love your pics! I want to wear the vest with the dress, boots, and earrings :) now! great pics as always! love u lots honey, xx Anika

LaCara said...

Thanks ladies!

@ Stephanie - I know how you feel girlie! I have no ££££ either, but hopefully I will soon lmao! The NL coat is gorgeous!

@ Jamie Lee - me too! I think it would be really cute for the holidays!

@ Valerie - Thank you so much, I'll check out your blog.

@ Anika - Thank you sweetie!! Love you too! :)


Girl With The Purple Stiletto said...

Hi! Ive just came across your blog and Im thinking this is awesome!!

Im loving the purple boot and all the fashion advice!!

Keep up the good work!! xx

Savonne said...

I love that blue jacquard dress.

Natasha said...

I LOVE that print dress...adorable...I can just see it with black tights & a big chunky necklace! Thanks for sharing!!! I might start looking at Evans stuff for my fashion blog!


Anika Sweetfaced Style - Self Worth Activist said...

thinking of you! <3

Anika Sweetfaced Style - Self Worth Activist said...

thank you so much for your supportive comment and mail, really means a lot to me! how are you? you`ve not been blogging in a while? Let`s skype next week! love u lots and think of you every day.
love, Anika

Shercole said...

Omg, I need that bag!

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