Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Look of the Day : Feminine Rocker

1. Simply Be - Fringed Shirt - £20.00
2. Simply Be - Wet Look Leggings - £20.00
3. ASOS - Carvela Across Caged Heeled Sandal - £140.00
4. Mary Frances - "Graceland Piano Beaded Bag" - £190.00
5. ASOS - Double Finger Keyboard Ring - £8.67
6. ASOS - Pointy Cat Sunglasses - £11.00


Katrin said...

Owww my god! I love this outfit. I would totaly wear it every piece of it!

Kathryn said...

OMG, love <3 It kind of has an Elton John rocker edge thing going on, it's awesome!

And off-topic, but a little while ago you left a comment on my blog about how you were glad I was back blogging, and I just want to say it totally brightened the rough time I've been having lately. I think you are super great!

Anonymous said...

i love the rocker look. it's definitely one of my favorite looks, and that bag in your outfit style is awesome!

LaCara said...

Yay! Thanks ladies!

@ Katrin - When I was done creating this outfit, I so wanted to buy it (if I had the money!!) lmao! :D

@ Kathryn - Thanks girl! And no problem, you're awesome! :D

@ Jill - Me too! I think it's so versatile, you can really make it your own. :D

Much love to ya dolls!

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