Thursday, 22 July 2010

30 Letters of Summer - Day 24 The Person Who Gave You Your Favourite Memory

Dear R.A,

You gave me the best memories. You were my first ever puppy love lmao. My favorite and most memorable memory with you, is when you came over to my house in the pouring rain just to talk to me. I remember opening up the door and you was soaking wet, you was literally dripping from head to toe, and I was flabbergasted! So I asked you "What are you doing here!?!" and you said "I was bored, and I needed someone to talk to." that's when we both bursted out laughing. I would've invited you in, but my mama would've kicked my ass into next week. So we sat in the apartment hallway, just talking and messing around. Then you had me walk you home lmao! But I didn't mind, I got to spend more time with you, so we both ended up wet from the rain. That was the most romantic thing that I've ever experinced, and I found it really sweet. It felt like something out of one of those romantic chick flicks, and you made me the happiest girl that day lmao. I wish I told you how I felt about you, but I knew you knew and vice versa. Thinking about it now, we was together without actually being "together", you called me everyday after school half past 3 on the dot, and we would talk til 4 pm. We pretty much was inseperable, I enjoyed our time together, you was my bestfriend and the "love" of my life at that time. The time I spent with you was the best part of my childhood, so I was crushed when I had to move and never got a chance to say goodbye to you. When I came over to England you was on my mind for a good year, I truly missed you. But I'm glad I have memories of you, I cherish them with all my heart. I hope you're well and I wish you the best.


We didn't kiss, but you get my gist lmao! :)

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(always)alanna said...

aaw your post below makes me sad! but be strong- you are a beautiful woman!
and this post brings tears to my eyes!

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