Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Fall 2010

Move over summer, fall has taken prevalence. Many have been anticipating Fall 2010 (including myself), so we can expect big things from the high end designers to the high road fashion stores, it seems everyone has been waiting for this season.

Here are some trends to look out for :

  • Layering - while this is nothing new, a few designers managed to spice up this old staple trend, especially the turtle neck.

Up close detail

  • Velvet & Velvor - while I have never been a fan of velvet, I've been turned into a believer after seeing Alexander Wang's velvet dress.

Up close detail

I love the detail on the sleeves

  • Capes & Ponchos - whether tailored or elaborately large, the cape is the new cover up

  • Fantasy Ox Red - this rich color is the definition of fall, while it may scream "70's" it is beautiful nontheless, and some designers did it justice.

  • The Winter Crop Top - say what you will about crop tops, but I personally love them, with the right amount of layering and proportions, you can rock the crop top through winter.

All of these trends are adaptable, so you can work them into your wardrobe. So tell me will you be trying out any of these trends? If so, tell me which one and why, I want to hear your thoughts on the fashion for Fall 2010.

God Bless,


Jennifer aka. Jasifer said...

great post, thanks for sharing luv.

StephanieDJL said...

I need a cape in my life! There's also a velvet dress on the New Look website that I have my eyes on. OO I'm so excited for autumn! Now if only we could skip winter...

Anika Sweetfaced Style said...

great pics! I love your taste! my take on fall will be lots of layering light fabrics with wools etc, lots of taupe and grey with splashes of colour. :) love your blog sweetie, and I <3 you!

wholesale said...

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mishu said...
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