Tuesday, 6 July 2010

30 Letters of Summer : Day 17 - Someone From Your Childhood

Dear J.S.

You was my best friend when we was kids, we were inseparable, and I loved every minute we shared together. You was like my sister, and I really loved playing outside with you and Danny. We became school bus patrols together, and you took it so seriously lol. You always obeyed the rules, which made me look like a rebel lmao. We was always at the swimming pool, having fun and being kids. We never had a argument, we always talked out our disagreements, which I was grateful for! You always came up with games to play, or made games more fun! I thought we would be friends forever, and when I didn’t get the chance to say goodbye to you, that broke my heart. I cried for a very long time over that, when I came to the UK I was so lonely, and that made miss you even more. I wished that you’d magically appear right beside me, I thought about you quite often. Then luckily for me, Facebook was created and I found you again. But along with time comes change, and a lot of things has changed since we was little. You have a beautiful baby and you’re Miss Independent now, I truly didn’t think that would happen. We’ve both changed, and we’re getting to know each other all over again. I hope this time we’ll be able to stay in contact for a long time. I wish you nothing but the best, and I can’t wait to see you!

Lots of Love,


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