Thursday, 8 July 2010

Look of the Day : Maxi Madness!

Hello dolls, I hope everyone has had a fabulous day! I don't know if you're aware, but on the Evans facebook page, there seems to be a lot of disgruntled customers. There is no such thing as a perfect company, not everyone will be satisfied, but constantly complaining about something won't resolve the issue. What I noticed is, many of these women who are "complaining" aren't leaving any constructive criticisms or points. Also many people seem unhappy with the new clothes that are being produced and the direction that Evans is going in etc, but people need to understand, things change. So instead of whining about it, leave a constructive comment and tell them what you would like to see. With all that said, I wanted to show that Evans do have beautiful pieces, you just have to make it your own.

Outfit 1# -

Printed Tribal Maxi Dress- Evans - £45.00
Bertie Stockholm Wedge - ASOS - £75.00
Glitter Fabric Bangle - Evans - £10.00
Pieces Swirl Overbody Bag - ASOS - £22.00

This is a statement dress, so I kept the accessories simple, because you want the main focus to be on the dress. It has a beautiful embellished neckline, (so you don't need a necklace), it ties in the back for added shape, and the print is very bold which will allow you to stand out in a crowd. Remember when working with bold prints, less is more.

Outfit 2# -
Tribal Maxi Dress - Evans - £39.50
Dolce Vita Porter Cork Wedge Sandal - ASOS - £55.00
Celtic Mesh Knot Necklace - Evans - £12.00
Brown Hip Belt - Evans - £12.00
ASOS Sun Shaped Ring - £12.00
Oasis Leather Fringe Bag - ASOS - £45.00

I really love the print on this dress, it's unique and pretty.
I really love the gradient effect, and also the bursts of red, and mint (my fave color!). To break up this dress, I added a brown belt to cinch in the waist and to also keep color coordination. I kept the accessories to a minimum, because there is a lot of detail on the dress, and I wanted the accessories to highlight that; the ring has mint stones, the necklace is gold, and the bag adds texture with it's fringing.

Outfit 3# -
Printed Tie Dye Maxi Dress - Evans - £35.00
Dark Grey Biker Jacket - Evans - £55.00
Black Elastic Strap Sandals - Evans - £23.00
ASOS Pouchy Duffle Bag ON SALE - £15.00
Plaited Cuff Bangle - Evans - £10.00
Chain Knot Necklace - Evans -£12.00

This dress is gorgeous, you can dress it up or down. I went with the punk/biker chic look, and it's easy to pull off. Again, keep the accessories simple, because this is a bold print too, while you want the attention to be on the dress, you also want the accessories to enhance the dress. The biker jacket adds shape, and texture, while the accessories compliment the outfit.

So my point is, Evans does have variety, and you can definitely find something. Fashion is all about  personal style, so make an outfit your own. Experiment and try new things, don't be afraid to step outside the box, because who knows, it might become the next trend...

God Bless,



N said...

Nice blog!


Anonymous said...

i LOVE the third outfit, and i want that biker jacket! :)

pearlslaceandruffles said...

The dress in outfit is really cute! xo

--Sanam-- said...

I so agree with your point,throwing rude unconstructional comments around isnt going to get anyone anywhere. And love the blog :D

StopAndStareStyle - btw,posted my SECOND EVVVER look on here lol,so i'd love to hear your feedback.It would be much MUCH appreciated :D

That fat-shionista's wardrobe said...

you are soo right! you have to make it your own.

BBM said...

OoOoo! LOVE these maxi outfits ... u styled it so well! ;-)

Monique said...

Great outfits girlie!!

xtirsa said...

Love your blog! I am a follower now!

check out my first giveaway at:

LaCara said...

Thank you so much for commenting ladies! I truly appreciate it, I'm glad everyone liked these looks! :D


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