Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Tropicana Fever

Hello dolls, I'm hitting you with another post today! I am on a roll yay :D
So summer is semi-officially here, and that means swimsuit time! Wooo...hopefully the UK will have a summer, a nice one, not an extreme-baking-to-death summer :P. Anyway I playing on Polyvore, and I really love bright colors lately so this is what I came up with :

1. Swimsuit - Simply Yours - £13.50
2. Top - Simply Be - £25.00
3. Earrings - Evans - £8.00
4. Necklace - Evans - £8.00
5. Bracelets - Evans - £15.00
6. Ring - ASOS - £8.00
7. Flip Flops - Simply Be - £15.00
8 Nail Polishes - ASOS - £22.00
9. Hurricane Cocktail - Priceless - LOL :P

I really like how the red, coral, and teal blues go together and I think it will look really good on the beach or at the pool. Oh and I threw in that bird top because I love it so much and it adds to the Tropicana theme ;D.



xladx said...

Love it! I just bought my coral and pale nail polishes the other day!!


Adri said...

I love it... I wish that they had it here in the us... I’m dying to go the UK... not only do I want to visit, but I want to go shopping all those nice things you guys have over there.

LaLa said...

great stuff I LOVE it awwwe such lovely colors!!

Jonesy said...

I love asos : )

nice post!

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