Friday, 28 May 2010

Summer Blues : OOTD

Hey dolls, I hope all of you are well! :D

Thank goodness it's Friday! Today was a good day I suppose, this morning the weather started out cloudy  but humid, so it was warm enough for me to wear my new Simply Be fringed gladiator sandals xD. I waited 2 months for these bad boys, they're very soft to the touch, but you definitely have to break them in, or maybe it's just my fat feet because they were ever so slightly too tight lol! Anyhoo, today was the last day for 6th form, until I take my exams, I seriously need to study, ahhhhh :(. Okay enough rambling, time for the pics!

This is what the humidity did to my hear, it frizzed out my ends :(

Cardigan - Simply Be
Vest - Evans
Belt - Simply Be
Jeggings - Simply Be
Sandals - Simply Be
Bracelets - Evans


xladx said...

I actually love your hair!

I love the look!


QueenDiva said...

Loving this look... love blue... but... wanna try this... seriously.

LaCara said...

Thanks ladies! :D

@ xladx - hahaha it was being unruly today, but thank you!

@ QueenDiva - Go for it girl and thank you :D


La Changa said...

I love that shirt!

You look great! :)

-Christina <3 said...

Yay! This is simple but really lovely!

Lauren xx

Envy Chic said...

Your working that cardigan. Summer came too soon in the states. The heat is too much.

dc said...

The outfit looks great on you!

Jennifer aka. Jasifer said...

Nice outfit! :D like the whole combo!!! esp. the belt:)

LaCara said...

Thanks ladies :D <3

Weesha said...

I LOVE the belt! and the pretty cardigan, it's such a lovely colour. You look super super cute <3 said...

I actually love your hair cut.
I could not pull it off but it suits you beautifully.
I'm loving the dark blue but I think an even brighter one would really suit you!
Devon, xx

Em. x. said...

I love the hair too - it looks great. x.

LaCara said...

Thank you ladies for your wonderful comments! And I cut my hair myself hehehe ;D <3

Megan said...

you look great. love your confidence.
check out my blog plz.

Nefertiti said...

tres jolie tenue !

ontheqtrain said...

You are so cute, loving the belt!

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