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Inspiration : The Blogging Edition - SheDel

Welcome to another installment of "Inspiration : The Blogger Edition", a series that will showcase, your inspirations, your style, and your fashion tips!

Today I'll be featuring the amazing founder of :

She is a 'Thriftshionista', fashion savvy, and creative blogger ;

She is


1. What inspired your blog name?

I was actually inspired by Shianna Tucker of "A Thick Girl’s Closet". I liked the idea that through her tumblr, I was able to essentially get a sneak peek into the closet of thick girls all over the world. Therefore, that idea of a “closet” stuck with me. Also, there are not many fashion blogs out there focused on thrifting so I wanted thrifting to be the vocal point of my blog. Thus “My Thrifted Closet” was born.

2. What inspired you to do a fashion blog?

I have ALWAYS loved fashion, even in the days that I was caught up in my urban brand phase. I loved dressing well and seeing other people dress well. I began surfing blogs a lot and I wanted to become a part of a world of people with dreams and aspirations that they share with the world. Fashion blogging is more than just about personal style, it’s about showing the world who you are and allowing them to love you for it. I made the best choice because now I can’t stop blogging.

3. What are 3 things that you love about yourself?

1. I LOVE my curves. Sure I want to work on toning some areas and what not, but I forever wanted to be a curvy girl. I mean it fits me well. I am beautiful.

2. I love how optimistic I am. Sometimes it is confused for gullible, but I love finding the good in people and things. Don’t get me wrong I’m a realist too, but I like to find the silver lining.

3. I love my smile and how down to earth I am. Though I have been confused for being stuck up, you will usually see with me a smile on my face and willing to talk and engage with people. My nose is NOT in the clouds.
4. What do you enjoy about fashion blogging?
I enjoy the people I've met. Oh my, there are just adorable people out there that are sooooo supportive and loving. I love being mind raped, like seeing amazing people with killer styles that just make me stare. There are some SUPERheroes out there in the blog world and I’m enjoying getting to know all of them. I also enjoy the times when people say I inspire them. I never set out to inspire people, but I’m proud and humbled that people gain confidence and begin their thrifting journey through reading my blog.
5. What is the one accessory you could not live without?

I can’t live without my jewelry. Idk I can put on a tshirt and jeans and once I have on the most banging jewelry I think I’m the hottest thing walking. Yeah jewelry for 600 Alex lol

6. Who is your favorite model and why?

Whoa. Umm… I really don’t get into models that much, but I’d have to go with Tyra Banks though she is basically retired. I loved to watch America’s Next Top Model and I always wanted to “smile with my eyes.” As she’s matured in the last few years, she definitely pushes that there are different women out there with different bodies who are worthy of being seen as beautiful and extraordinary. I would love to hang with Tyra one-on-one. She just seems so real, sweet, and down to earth. We must be girlfriends in another life.
7. Who is your style icon and why?

Hmmmmm when I am asked this question, I always have to reply everyone. I mean, I walk down the street and I am inspired. As long as a person is unique, stays true to self, and WORKS an outfit, I consider them an icon and someone who inspires me. My friends are my icons. They are soooo fly. They make me better as cliché as that may sound.

8. How would you describe your style?

Ugh, umm, idk lol. I love vintage clothes. I love puffy sleeves, large shoulder pads, bright colors, and bold prints. I guess I’m a misunderstood vintage teen LOL. When my boyfriend tells me “Babe, I love your style. It’s so different.” I sometimes respond, “Baby, I’m just a hippie.” So idk. Sometimes I’m wearing sundresses, other times men’s ties, loafers, and vests. Other times, revealing lace. I guess it depends on the day and how I feel.

9. Name your favorite places to shop for clothes & accessories.

It HAS to be the thrift stores lol.. I mean, I wear mostly thrifted outfits and jewelry. I really only got into thrifting Spring 2010, but I’m HOOOOOKKKKED. As a poor college student, I don’t believe in spending a lot of money on clothes. I love Evans as well. I get some cute things from thrifty stores such as Burlington Coat Factory, Marshalls, etc. I’ll shop anywhere once the price is right.

10. Share a fashion tip.
Dress your body the right way. Yes, there is a wrong way. Some clothes because of its cut and proportions isn’t meant to fit a larger girl. It will drape in the wrong place, lay awkwardly, etc. Just because it comes in our size, doesn’t mean it’s made for our curves. In loving who we are and embracing our God given curves, we must treat them right, by draping them with clothes that compliment and show them off.

Thank you SheDel for taking part!


Go visit SheDel's blog, for more of her thrifting adventures and vintage outfits!

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SheDel said...

OMG I LOVE THIS!!! Going to give you a shoutout in my next post. Thanks sooo much love. It has been a pleasure :)

Gazel M. said...

She has awesome style.

Fashion Tales.... said...

Thanks for introducing her. That bag is fabulous... I also love her shoes, and will check out her blog. Have a wonderful weekend dear. -xxoo

Chic in Every City said...

I agree with @FashionTales, thank you for introducing SheDel to us!!

She is absolutely fabulous and an style inspiration! I will definitely check out her site!!


LaCara said...

I'm glad you ladies love SheDel's feature! She is a doll! :) x

Tete said...


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