Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Star in a Bra : Georgina Horne!

While we're on the topic of lingerie, the amazing brand Curvy Kate, is having a model search for the new face of "Curvy Kate". They've already picked their top 30 finalists, it's now up to the public to decide, who will be the next 'Star in a Bra'!

I would like to introduce, my fabulous friend and finalist of the 'Star in a Bra' competition, Georgina Horne : 

Some of you might recognise her from the Plus-Size- Tall competition!

This boobalicious babe, needs your vote in order to win! She is perfect for this role, she's curvy, has an amazing personality, and not to mention she is drop dead gorgeous! What more could you ask for?! She recently did an interview on the Curvy Kate blog, please go check it out, so you can see what a star, she truly is! :D

Check out her interview on the Curvy Kate blog :

Click here to vote! :


Anonymous said...

Georgina is Fabulous! Good post! xx

Thick Threads said...

wow shes gorgeous! She has amazing curves, very impressive body figure! OH! I picked you as one of my 7 versatile bloggers on my post today! because i loveeee your bloggg :)


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