Friday, 25 March 2011

Inspiration : The Blogger Edition - Nefferth

Welcome to another installment of "Inspiration : The Blogger Edition", a series that will showcase, your inspirations, your style, and your fashion tips!  

Today I'll be featuring a dear friend of mine, and the amazing founder of :

Mode Plus

She is the beautiful, creative, vivacious, and talented blogger;

She is

1. What inspired your blog name?

I knew from the beginning, I wasn’t only going to blog about fashion. I was looking for a title that would give me the freedom to divert from 100% fashion topics. I wanted the title to incorporate multiple definitions. I’m quite proud of the outcome, for some readers the title just means plus size fashion”, and they come to see what I’ve done with my outfits. For others it is more about the emotional side of being a plus size woman, being more than just your size or weight.

2. What inspired you to do a fashion blog?

I’ve always been a fashion lover, I partly owe this love to my stylish mother. She never went out of the door looking unpolished.  She showed me was that being fashionable, is all about your own interpretation and can be on a budget too. She could look absolutely chic wearing a scarf, Jackie O glasses and plain jeans. The other part of my motivation, was feeling completely lost when I gained weight. Suddenly I was a fat woman, not knowing how to dress my new body, and not knowing where to buy clothes. After seeing other (younger) girls embrace their curves online, showing off their personal styles through blogs, I knew for sure that (fashion) blogging was an option for me too.

3. What are 3 things that you love about yourself?

1. I would say my proportions and length. I used to hate it back in school, being the tallest of the girls; but now I love this about me.

2. I have to say my creativity, I’m always full of ideas! Sometimes a bit too much, making it hard for me to focus.

3. My friends and colleagues say that I'm compassionate. I’m a good listener and I always want to help others. When I hear that I've helped someone, my heart is touched.

4. What do you enjoy about fashion blogging?

On top of the list is the creative freedom, I have a strong sense of self, meaning I want to be ME. I don’t necessarily blog about the latest fashion, and I don’t really have fashion rules when it comes to clothes. I wear what I want when I feel like it. Sounds a bit conceited, but I’m done conforming, to non-realistic ideals regarding feminine beauty. Last, but not least, I’m humbled by the love from readers and fellow bloggers. It blows my mind to see people appreciate what you doing, I still can’t believe it sometimes!

5. What is the one accessory you could not live without?

Bags, bags, bags: they are practical and effective in use, and just adding the right bag to an outfit can really upgrade the look. All the attention can go to the bag so I can have an off-day :D

 6. Who is your favorite model and why?

I don’t really have one model that I particularly like. Recently I’ve been liking Tara Lynn, I think she is a beautiful curvaceous model.

7. Who is your style icon and why?

Can I say me? No, I’m joking!  Wow, another hard one, but I think I would choose my mom. If I’m honest I’ve “copied” her looks several times and gotten credit for it. Thank you mom! She is chic, practical and sometimes even a rebel. It’s a shame I don’t have pictures to show you.

8. How would you describe your style?

I’ve been asking myself that question too. If I look at my choices, I tend to look to the past for inspiration; for example, right now I’m loving the 70’s fashion. Depending on my mood, I would choose a hard or soft look. I guess you could call me an emotional fashionista, I let my heart decide my look.

9. Name your favorite places to shop for clothes & accessories.

I’m definitely an online shopper. From popular UK plus size brands to regular size stores as H&M or Monki, I try it all. You can also find me at my local thrift shop; if you never been to a thrift shop, please do! It might surprise you what you can get, yes, even for us plus size gals!

10. Share a fashion tip.

Go stand in front of a mirror and get to know your body. Become your own expert, don’t rely on fashion advices from others. Then do YOU! Spread the love <3

Thank you so much Nefferth for taking part!


Go visit Nefferth's blog, for more of her amazing style!

If you are interested in taking part of my series, please e-mail me at :


Mode Plus said...

Thank you sweet LaCara for asking me.
A big hug! Xx, Nefferth

Anika said...

Oh the joy! My two bloggerbesties at once! <3 <3 <3 LaCara I love your series, and Nefferth, you are amazing. I love your answers. "Do you". YES! Thank you both for being so inspiring and wonderful!

Nefertiti said...

mode plus est deja un blog que je suis,j adore la blogueuse,sa gentiellesse,son style,son univers,j apprecie !

LaCara said...

I feel the love!

@ Nefferth - It was my pleasure, thank you!! :D

@ Anika - Ohh you're too kind, my dear friend! But thank you!! :)

@ Nefertiti - merci ma chérie, je suis content que ça vous a plu!


IcedGem said...

You're both inspirational bloggers :) xx

Niviarsiaq said...

She is so awesome! I love that she is just doing her own thing. So inspiring!!

May said...

I feel the love!
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