Monday, 24 January 2011

Simply Be Exclusive : What's New & Preview of Frock and Frills Collection S/S 2011

Simply Be has launched two new limited edition collections today, the "Retro Starlet" and "The Outsiders". The "Retro Starlet" collection, is inspired by all things feminine, and it'll have you looking like a film star this spring. "The Outsiders" collection is inspired by the fresh outdoors, definitely on trend with the boho/folk look.

Retro Starlet Collection :

The Outsiders Collection :

Simply Be has also released the new Anna Scholz collection, which is simply stunning, as always! There is a lot of bold prints and colors, and I am in love with the 'Anna Scholz Suede Waistcoat'!

Not to mention, the amazing Gok Wan, will be releasing a new collection of his lingerie range soon, so I'm definitely excited about that! Keep your eyes peeled, I might be able to give you sneak peak! ;)

And finally, Simply Be gave me an exclusive sneak peek at the new Frocks and Frills collection for S/S 2011.

The line will be available in sizes 14-32, alongside the rest of the S/S 2011 collection on the 31st of Jan. I really like what I see so far, I'm particularly fond of the 'Garden Blouse', it'll be perfect for spring! So, I'm really excited to see the rest of the line, from what I heard, it's going to be amazing!

Overall, Simply Be has a lot of exciting things coming out this S/S 2011, so there is definitely something to look forward to, and I wish summer, would hurry up and get here already, so I can get my hands on some of Simply Be's fashion goodies!

Frock and Frill Collection S/S 2011 Preview :


Frock and Frill Pageant Tee

Frock and Frill Lace Print Top

Frock and Frill Tiered Dress

Frock and Frill Garden Blouse

Frock and Frill Seaside Dress

for more fabulous fashion!

Do you like what you see so far? Let me know your thoughts!


thefashionsideofme said...

I WANT the tiered dress, it's beautiful :D

Gok Wan, he rocks! I watched his tv show on sky :D

Thanks for the news!

Bethamint said...

I love that seaside dress, that's exactly what I want to be wearing this summer!

thefashionsideofme said...
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IcedGem said...

Love that tired dress, looking forward to summer so I can wear it! Great post btw xx

IcedGem said...


LaCara said...

Thanks ladies! :D

@Thefashionsideofme - I know!! The dress is gorgeous! And I adore Gok :')

@Beth - That dress would be perfect on you!

@Icedgem - Yep the tiered dress is a beauty! Can't wait for it to be in my closet!


Mode Plus said...

Oh, I want the Spring to be here already.
I love the dress :D

dc said...

OH!LA!LA! It's sooo beautiful!

BBM said...

ill take one of everything. please and thank you.


Jessica Kane said...

LOVE!!! and love your blog I added to my blogroll!

jessica of

Amy Peng said...

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