Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Shoes of Prey....

Ever wanted to have a shoe that reflects your style perfectly?

Well now you can, 'Shoes of Prey' is a unique website, that allows you to create the shoe that you want! You get to design the shoe that you desire! You get to choose the style of the shoe, the heel, the fabric and materials, and the embellishments.

All the shoes are handmade, and there is a wide range of materials and fabrics available, to create your perfect shoe. Shoe sizes start from a US 2½ - 15, you can also custom the width of your shoe, so if you have narrow or wide feet, Shoes of Prey can accommodate your needs.

If you need some inspiration or to buy ready-made shoes, you can check out the Shoes of Prey gallery. There are over 100 pairs of shoes already made and you can customize them as well.

Here are some of my ready-made favorites :

Nude Patent Leather Pumps - £180

Tan with Black Snake Skin - £180

Black & White Brogues - £180

Turquoise Snake Skin Pumps - £180

While I can't afford these custom shoes at the moment, I would definitely invest in Shoes of Prey, because I would be able to buy my perfect shoe, that is made of the highest quality!  

For more information visit : www.shoesofprey.com

What is your perfect shoe? Drop me a comment, and let me know!


Weesha said...

I love the nude and turquoise ones, gorgeous!

cherry vidal said...

wow where do you find these sites! very cute nude shoes x

Shercole said...

I love your choices, some sexy shoes!

NEM1976 said...

What a great tip, LaCara. I've been craving a nude one since forever but as you know me and heels aren't buddies. But with this site, who knows.

Savonne said...

All of these shoes are so cute.

Curvy Debbie said...

They are beautiful, but its definitely to expensive for me! maybe one day!

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