Thursday, 16 December 2010

Plus For Us!

With the curvy blogosphere booming, it's sometimes difficult to keep up with all the latest curvy news. That's why "Plus For Us" was created, to make sure that we are kept updated on all things curvy!

Plus For Us, is an exclusive plus-size search engine, that features the largest database of full figured stores from all over the world, giving us the ultimate shopping experience.  PFU also features a growing number of plus size magazines, blogs, dating sites, modeling resources, entertainment, radio shows, events, and more!

Here's what PFU says about their site :

"We strive to be the global leader in all things plus size by updating our resources daily, constantly adding new stores, articles, blogs, sites and more. Our goal is to show the entire full figured world that we can be just as fashionable, just as confident and just as successful as anybody else. Embrace who you are not what they think you should be. 

Our promise, to you is that we will always bring you the best the plus size world has to offer in one convenient place."

After checking out the PFU website, I am genuinely impressed! There is a lot of useful information on their site, and not to mention they've listed nearly every curvy blogger on their blog list! As this website supports plus-size women, I think it's fair to say, we should lend our support to PFU! Add them to your blogrolls or links, and make sure to check out their site!

For more information please visit :


dc said...

It's so cool!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the Wonderful Blog about! We appreciate it so much :)

L said...

@ DC - indeed it is chica!! :D

@ John - Absolutely no problem! Thank you for offering a site for curvy women! :)


Anika said...

wow this is amazing! thank you so much for sharing, I didn`t know about this site. will surf over there now :) love, Anika

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