Monday, 1 November 2010

Look of the Day : Animal Print!

Hello dolls! I hope everyone had a lovely weekend, and has had a pleasant day! :)

So I received an e-mail from a new reader, and she had ask if I could suggest or come up with an outfit for a semi-formal event, that incorporated animal print, I hesitated at first, because I've only had to dress myself, so to suggest an outfit for someone else......well it seemed daunting! However, I quickly got over my nervousness, and accepted the 'challenge', here is the final result :

Straight-Size Outfit :

River Island - Black Chiffon Blouson Sleeve Polo Top - £26.99
River Island - Beige Animal Print Skirt - £29.99
ASOS - Pleated Suedette Bow Lock Across Body Bag - £20.00
ASOS - Pumpkin Suede Pointed Court Shoes - £60.00
ASOS - Dogeared Triple Textured Long Pedant Karma Necklace - £59.00
ASOS - Vintage Style Intricately Engraved Bow Ring - £6.00
ASOS - French Connection Looped Tear Drop Earrings - £12.00

Total : £213.98

Now, I couldn't leave out my fellow curvy women, so I came up with the same outfit using Simply Be, and ASOS Curve. The only problem was Simply Be & ASOS Curve's pictures aren't Polyvore friendly, so excuse the organisation, I tried my best.

I used Simply Be's Tunic, because it was the best dupe I could find. The hem can easily be altered to make it shorter, so it will tuck into ASOS Curve's animal mini skirt effortlessly. Finally I paired up the accessories, that I used for the straight-size outfit to complete the look.

Plus-Size Outfit :

Simply Be - Sequin Cuff Tunic - £55.00
ASOS Curve - Exclusive Animal Print Mini Skirt - £20.00
ASOS - Pumpkin Suede Pointed Court Shoes - £60.00
ASOS - Pleated Suedette Bow Lock Across Body Bag - £20.00
ASOS - Dogeared Triple Textured Long Pendant Karma Necklace - £59.00
ASOS - French Connection Looped Tear Drop Earrings - £12.00
ASOS - Vintage Style Intricately Engraved Bow Ring - £6.00

Total : £232.00

For an added touch, you can add tights or leggings, depending on your preference. I also think a cape would compliment this outfit, not only will  it keep you warm, but it will also keep you on trend too.

What do you think?
Is this something you'd like to see more of?
Drop me a comment and let me know!


Nefertiti said...

pour ma part j adore la pochette et les chaussures surtout ;O)

NEM1976 said...

I like that their 2 versions. Would <3 to see more. And that red bag, wow!

dc said...

Love the outfit you choose I could easily wear it and feel gorgeous.
Good advice!

Anika Sweetfaced Style - Self Worth Activist said...

I love it! you`ve got great flair for style, do me next!!! :)

Shercole said...

I really need to get me an animal print skirt.

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