Monday, 1 November 2010

Designer Spotlight : F3

Who : 'Full Figured Fashionista' (F3)

About : 'F3' is a women's plus-size clothing line created by fashion stylists, turned designers Shuchi and Anjula Sharma. The F3 brand ranges from sizes 12 to 24, and focuses on providing it's clientele with garments that are fashionable, comfortable, and youthful. Shuchi and Anjula have designed their collection using fabrics that flatter the plus-size figure, compliments curvy silhouettes, and styles that are fashion-forward.

Shuchi and Anjula have collaborated with other plus-size companies and started producing & creatively directing photo-shoots to help build portfolios for models sizes 12 and up. They've also worked alongside plus-size divisions modelling agencies, such as Wilhelmina Models and Model Service Agency.  Shuci and Anjula have found their niche in designing for women that demand plus-size clothing that is edgy and on trend.

Where : Shop F3

What you can expect : Fashion-forward edgy pieces of the highest quality, that are extremely versatile, and will keep you on trend at all times.

The F3 Collection :

Visit F3's online website :

F3 was featured in the November issue of Plus Model Magazine, to view their editorial, visit :


Simple Beauty said...

OMG! This line is fab! chains, o adore!

Allison Joy said...

HOTT!! I really love the leather and chains look - so edgy and modern! I hope you'll keep me updated on your latest creations! MANIC in The City

Anika Sweetfaced Style - Self Worth Activist said...

Hi hon, this article is so interesting, thanks for sharing. This is a plus size line? wow, there still is hope! LOL

love u lots sweetheart.
big kissses! <3 <3 <3

LaCara said...

Thank you for the comment ladies!

@ Simple Beauty - yess!! I love the chain details! :D

@ Allison - Lol, thank you, but I did not create this line, Shuchi and Anjula Sharma did. You can find updates at their website :)

@ Anika - Thank you hun, and yes this gives me renewed hope!!


Ashe Mischief said...

Wow! This collection is super, super hot. I'm like, feeling a bit faint...

Shercole said...


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