Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Hello Autumn....OOTD

Hello dolls!

October & Autumn, are two of my favorite things, I love how the leaves changes color, I love how the crisp morning air welcomes me in the morning, and I love how I get to wear layers! Now granted this outfit, isn't the most "exciting", but a lot of you do want me to start posting more OOTD's, so I thought why not begin today. :)

This outfit is pretty casual, and I decided to wear my floral dress (are florals still "in" lmao?) with my blue waterfall cardigan (I know, I've worn it before, but I love it!), it was slightly chilly, so today was perfect for layers.

Excuse the quality of the pictures, I still haven't brought a digital camera (anyone want to buy me one ;P) and also excuse my cheesy smile, I still need to work on my face poses lmao!

P.S. Please, please, please vote on my poll and tell me what you want me to write about!

Dress - Evans
Cardigan - Simply Be
Leggings - Evans
Belt - Simply Be
Boots - Evans
Necklace - Claires

And for your listening pleasure, Floetry (I'm so sad they broke up!) ft Common : SupaStar.
I love this song, I was listening to it all day....

I DO NOT own this video!


thefashionsideofme said...

i love the dress. i don't know if flowers are still in but we like them so we don't care, right? :D

if you want take a look on my blog... it will be my pleasure and sorry for my (not) english

Courtney said...

I do love this outfit! You are too cute, and I think we might have the same glasses. : )

Oh, and I miss Floetry too. Loved them. I still listen to "Floetic" all the time to unwind.

Loving the Reflection

Adri said...

Love your dress, is super cute, and you look amazing!!!

LuAnne said...

Florals are always in, the a/w Ralph Lauren line has a lot of beautiful floral dresses btw amd really, I can never pass up a anything that's pretty and floral. I love the fab belt too and the colour of our cardigan, I know I've been bitching for ages about the weather but I can't help it- I'm so jealous that you can wear leggings and boots!

NEM1976 said...

fashion is about having fun and wearing what you like, right? So flowers r IN, lol... you have a cute smile, no need to call it cheesy.

chandra said...

Feel black doesn't suit you..better go for some lite colors..keep smiling

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Anika Sweetfaced Style - Self Worth Activist said...

Hi sweetheart! thanks so much for our time together yesterday, I really loved talking to you! <3 you look wonderful, I love your OOTD, and I do love florals, on or off trend, we set our own trends! LOL <3

cherry vidal said...

woo hoo long overdue! you look lovely keep them coming!

Shercole said...

Love the look! The cardigan is a great touch!

Anonymous said...

love how you have put that all together, you look fantatsic

LaCara said...

Thank you so much ladies!

@ Anika - yep we set our own trends!! :D

@ Cherry- hahaha I know! And I will! :D

@ Shercole - Thanks sweetie!

@ Blue Beret - Thanks hun!


IcedGem said...

Love that colour on you, and that dress is so cute :D great ootd xx

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