Monday, 5 July 2010

30 Letters of Summer : Day 16 - Someone That isn't in Your Country

Dear Sherree and Branden,

I miss you both so much! I was so happy to see you last year! To think you guys live in Germany and I only saw you both once last year =(.
I wish I could spend more time with you both, after all we grew up with each other! My best childhood moments, was when I was spending time with you both, and how we formed our own lil group.
I remember staying up with you Sherree because you never slept! LOL, you were such a night owl, (and you still are), but I didn’t mind it was fun staying up with you. We had our little fights, and you bit me on a numerous of occasions, but I love you all the same lmao! We used to do sing-a-longs with the Backstreet Boys, and we would dance quite often, so we had fun.
Branden you was a little bubba back then, and you was the cutest thing ever! You was so quiet back then, but boy has that changed lol! You’re all grown up now, you’re not the little boy I used to hold and cuddle, I miss that at times! You was definitely closer to Lee, than with me, and I was closer to Sherree than you, but nonetheless I love you both equally!
Seeing you both all grown up, makes me think where has the time has gone, but when we was together it felt like time hadn’t past at all. I hope we’ll see each other this summer, because I think we’d have fun like we used too. You guys are the best cousins ever! I love you both so much, and I wish you both nothing but happiness and success!


thickchic said...

your so cute!! i love your smile!!

LaCara said...

N'awww thanks girl :D


BBM said...

u are super stylish! and i spy a really cute necklace!

LaCara said...

N'awww thanks girl! Yes you do, my key necklace lmao! :D


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