Sunday, 4 July 2010

30 Letters of Summer : Day 15 - The Person You Miss the Most

Dear "Salisbury Goons" (LOL what a name smh),

I miss you guys, even though ya'll annoyed me, I truly did like you guys. We fought like cats and dogs, but always ended up laughing at the end. You all were my daily entertainment in middle school, I spent 5 years with you guys, and I wish I could do it all over again lol. You guys were boisterous, hiliarious, and mischieveous, but it was who you guys were and it made school very interesting. I loved all the jokes we had, and our "dissing" competitions, good times lol. You guys taught me how to play poker and black jack, and you attempted to teach me how to play football, but that didn't go so well lmao! You guys gave me the most ridiculous "tag" names (nicknames, let's not get into that lol). Then you guys went through that whole "pervy" stage, and that was very traumatic for not only me, but every girl lmao! You guys were like my brothers, with the exception of U.A, everyone knew I liked him more than just a friend lmao. But I was truly lucky to meet you all, and I pretty much loved every moment we had together, so thank you for making middle school such fun lmao! I wish ya'll the best =D



Anika said...

I really like your letters :) <3

xx Anika

LaCara said...

Thank you Anika! :D

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