Saturday, 26 June 2010

30 Letters of Summer: Day 8 - Your Favourite Internet Friend

Dear Readers,

You all are my internet friends, so I couldn’t just one of you! Each of you are unique, and I really appreciate all your support and comments! I truly enjoy reading your comments and your blogs, you all inspire me to step up my game and for me to put 150% into my blog. I didn’t think that there was a supportive community for plus size women, and I was overjoyed when I came across “fat” blogs, because you guys are simply amazing and beautiful! When I read your blogs, it’s like I can hear all of your voices, every single one of you have something different to say, and I like reading your opinions and thoughts on any topic. Some of you have more pictures on your blog than words, and some of you have more words than pictures, I love it either way, because every blog is different. I am blown away by your creativity and style, and I look to your blogs for inspiration. Signing on to my blog and seeing the new updates, truly makes my day, I look forward to seeing what your wearing and what you have to say, which keeps me motivated to continue to nurture my own blog. I wish all of you nothing but success and happiness, so continue being fabulous and stylish!


<3 <3 <3


Jennifer aka. Jasifer said...

(*^_^*) thanks, you're a huge inspiration! :) keep up the good work/blogging.

Michele Chastain said...

Hi LaCara, so glad I found your blog since I am really enjoying it. You seem like a lovely person inside and out.


... said...

aww hun you are too sweet, you're so inspirational yourself! lovin' this 30 days letters project <3

sarisafari said...

Awh that's so sweet :)

Lovin' Linda said...

too sweet! love this :)

LaCara said...

Thank you so much ladies, for your unconditional support and love! :D

@ Jasifer - Thank you honey :)

@ Michele - Thank you so much, that is really sweet of you. P.S. my middle name is Michelle lol :D

@ LuAnne - Thank you beautiful! :D

@ Sarisafari - Thank you lovely :D

@ Linda - Thank you! I love it too :D

Much love ladies!


Amanda Allison said...

I feel the same way! I enjoy your blog and talking to you so much. I'm glad we've met!

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