Wednesday, 23 June 2010

30 Letters of Summer : Day 5 - Your Dreams

Dear Dreams,

You’ve haven’t really changed over the years, my main dream is to be successful, and that will never change. I’m trying to aspire to something greater and better for myself, and while I believe in you, it’s also up to God, as it’s in his hands and on his time. You give me the strength to strive and continue on this journey, where it ends I don’t know, but so far although it’s been a challenge I have achieved a lot in a short amount of time, and I hope it continues. I kind of get lost in you, so much that sometimes my mind speeds up to the future that I forget the present, but I’m working on that. Lately I have been taking each day as it comes, and taking it easy, I try and remind myself to take everything in around me and cherish it. Since starting this blog, my dream for it is to be a place where people can find inspiration and give me inspiration. I want it to be a place where people feel welcomed and can talk to me, if that happens, then I know I’ve achieved something. I believe in you because, you are me, and if I can’t believe in my dreams, who will believe in me? You keep me focused and allow me to see the bigger picture, and each day I take a step closer to you. One day all my dreams will come true, and I’ll remember how long it took me to achieve them and how hard I worked for them, so until that day comes, you’ll be on my mind everyday.




Monique said...

Nicely put! Don't ever give up on your dreams!

Anika said...

Sending you lots of love sweetheart! Let`s keep dreaming big! xxx!


StephanieDJL said...

I've just read all of these and you made me cry! I can't wait to read more :) this is a great challenge.

Pee.Ess. Your brother is cutee ;P lol

LaCara said...

Thank you so much ladies for the sweet comments!

@ Steph - Awwwww thank you beautiful! I hope I deliver lol :)


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