Thursday, 6 May 2010

Old Pics of me....

So I suppose I'm trying to make up for the lack of fashion posts, but I was going through some old pictures of myself, and I had the bright idea to share it with you. Some are quite random hahaha, so bare with me :)

My Wonderfully Petite Mom and I :) - Summer 2009

Day in Central London XD - Summer 2009

My Beautiful cousin and I (excuse sweaty bangs! It was hot in London Dungeons!) - Summer 2009

A very old pic of me :) - 2006

Weird angle, I thought I was hot stuff LOL! :P - Winter 2009

This day my friends and I  had a "Photo Shoot" :P - Summer 2009

My Best Friend's Bday Dinner :) - Winter 2009

Okay I think I've bored you guys with my Narcissism LOL! Well this is me, let me know what you think :)




P.S. I will definitely do more fashion posts, you guys boosted my confidence! So thanks a bundle!! *Hugs* XD


DaedaeLfashion said...

Cool check out the blog for a giveaway!


Who are you Weesha? said...

there's nothing wrong with a little self love and these pictures are super cute!

LaCara said...

@ Daedae thanks, and I'll check it out :)

@ Weesha, thank you girlie! <3

siwing said...

agree with weesha.. super cute pix ^_^

Adri said...

your pictures are super cute! and your blog is super nice, is inspiring.

LaCara said...

@ Siwing, thank you sweetie :D

@ Adri, thank you my lovely, glad I'm inpiring someone :D


LaCara said...

** inspiring

Anika said...

Hon, you are adorably pretty! Show us them fashionpics, we want to see them! <3

xoxo Anika

StephanieDJL said...

Ahh you're so gorgeous! My fave pic is the one in the goal! <3

LaCara said...

@ Anika thank you! Lol, very soon my love! :D

@ Steph, thank you beautiful! :D


BBM said...

is that you!?!?!? ure ADORABLE my dearest! and im so lovin ure sassy style! keep postin!

LaCara said...

Thank you lol! And I will do :D

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