Sunday, 9 May 2010

Confidence and Self Acceptance : For You.

I’m a confident person, sometimes I have to fake it to make it, but overall I have confidence in myself. I learnt from an early age to be confident, it came naturally to me, but there were times when I didn’t feel confident, and that was because I started piling on the weight and as we all know people can be cruel. Living in England has taught me valuable life lessons, it broke me down and built up again into a stronger, and more confident woman than ever.

I think confidence is a major issue for women, but especially for plus-size women, because of the scrutiny we receive from society, and the feeling of rejection from acceptance. I know many plus-size teenagers, who have no confidence and extremely low self-esteem, and its sad because they shouldn’t feel bad about who they are and what they look like. If you don’t love yourself, no one else will. If you don’t like yourself, no one else will. If you are negative about yourself, you will attract negative people. These are the lessons I learnt well, and I’ve gone through it all. So my point is, you have to feel good about who you are, because no one else is going to feel good for you. You have to love yourself completely and accept who you are, because nobody else can be you. Being big or overweight, whatever you want to call it, does not define who you are as a person. Looks are only part of someone, it is not the most important thing. I’d take being a kind and having an amazing personality over aesthetic beauty any day.

It was hard accepting who I was, and what I looked like, so I took time away from people, and I took some “LaCara” time, just me, myself and I!

I soon began (quite quickly in fact), enjoying my own company, and I loved learning new things about myself, and I loved being “me”! When I came to terms of who I was, I began to notice the people around me change. I finally saw that I was surrounded by negative people, because I felt negative towards myself. Now that I’m positive and accept who I am, and I like what I see in the mirror, I now have genuine people around me. I feel confident, when I look in the mirror, and step outside to the world. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not always happy-go-lucky, I do have my moments; but I am who I am, and I’m not going to change for anyone but “LaCara”.

So if you do not love yourself COMPLETELY, I suggest taking some “you” time, figure out what you love, and what you don’t. Be your “own” best friend for awhile, and I guarantee you’ll start to see things differently.

God Bless!


Anika said...

Thank you so much for sharing! I couldn`t agree more, and I work on this project of loving my self every day. I have survived a very hard childhood, and having worked on my self for year now it is so rewarding to get to this more liberated and happy place. Now it`s just the small matter of staying in the zone as it were :) sending you big kisses and big love! <3

xoxo Anika

LaCara said...

No problem Anika! Awwww sending kisses and love back to ya honey :)


Katrin said...

Yes like Anika, I agree with you and I think it a part of my way I am still in. I believe that we always attracted what we think and that if we don't love ourselves and think negative about it we will only be surrounded by more negative things about ourselves.
When I am alone with myself I really enjoy it, and when I am with my friends it is the same, but I still struggle with my feelings n public... sometimes its okay, sometimes even great but sometimes it awful and I feel like everyone is just looking and laughing and it feesl really, really bad...even though I know that I could stop is by myself it still feels so hardsomtimes. But it is good to read that others have to struggle with the sames things and are in progress to come over it :D

much love <3

LaCara said...

I hear ya honey. Don't worry, I get a lil insecure in public too, I feel like sometimes I'm under a microscope, but at least I look cute while being inspected LOL :P. But I completely understand, and your gorgeous! They're probably admiring your beauty!

LaCara said...

@ Katrin, when you feel like all eyes are on you, imagine you are a model, and they are the audience, and work what ya got, that's my lil trick to get me through those moments :)

BBM said...

i love this post! and HEY there!!! i know ... finally right? lol ... i too have to fake it until i make it! thanks so much for commentin in my blog lately love! i really appreciate it and appreciate this post and ure blog!

love and blessings,

Lali said...

This was such an inspirational post. you really poured your feelings through this post. GREAT job mama. keep it up. I love your blog *presses follow button* lol

xoxo, Lali <3

LaCara said...

Thank you so much Lali, glad you liked it :D <33

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