Tuesday, 23 February 2010

My life as a Fat Teenager...

I've always been big. Even at birth I was a wholesome 9lbs and 21 inches. I come from a big family, so I do believe genetics had a role in my "fatness". But it wasn't til I moved to the UK that I realised how "fat" I truly was. I was born and raised in Florida, and at the age of 12 I relocated to England.

When I came over here, I hardly saw big people, and that was very shocking to me, because in America you saw big people everywhere, and it was no problem. I was never bullied in America about my weight, of course I was teased here and there, but I could deal with that. I was very active too, I swam almost every day, I was outside running around playing kickball, so it wasn’t like I was lazy or a couch potato. However my eating habits was a different matter, I was a complete food junkie. I ate to feel good, food was literally my best friend. My relationship with food back then, was completely unhealthy, but at the time it served as comfort, almost like an escape, from what I was facing on a daily basis.

When I started secondary school (Middle School) that’s when the bullying started. Year 7 (6th grade) was hell! People were enthralled by my accent but was repelled by my weight. I wasn’t what people expected of a “fat” girl, everyone has this concept that fat girls are wall flowers, or they’re “stupid” and always eating. I proved many people wrong. I went on to succeed, I made sure I got good grades or my ass would’ve been grass! I was a social butterfly and at times it got me in trouble. It was misconstrued as being fake instead of me wanting to socialise. I endured 5 years of taunting and cruel jokes, but it's only made me stronger. Now that I’m 18, I could care less what someone says or thinks of me. I’m fat, get over it!

The UK has a long way to go, as the most “obese” country in Europe, I don’t understand why it's so hard accept fat people, especially fat women. We are normal people, and deserve to be treated like human beings! I’ve learnt to accept who I am, but occasionally I have those “fat” days, but that’s okay because I always bounce back. And today, I am proud to say, that I'm still active, and my relationship with food has improved. Food is for nutrition, not comfort, I've finally learnt that. But the biggest lesson, I've learnt is that everyone is different! I think diversity, is a beautiful thing; because it would be extremely boring if we were all the same!

Share your story with me! I would love to hear your experiences!


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Totally Inspired said...

I just found your blog, so I am reading some of your older posts .. and this was an excellent post! Thanks for offering us a glimpse into your life.

LaCara said...

Thank you, and I want people to know me better :)

michelle92b said...

* clap clap bravo* and still i rise. ermmm............. lacara why didn't i know you had a blog? good stuff
it's michelle by the way, you know the the one from sanel's 18th bday at kervan sofrasi.

Anika http://www.byanika.com said...

Darling, I miss you and am thinking of you! I don`t have skype now, am home alone, but will try to figure something out so we can all connect! I love this post, came back to read it again. Is it ok to share it on Twitter or is it too personal? How are you? I love you. Hugs Anika

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