Thursday, 6 September 2012

Evans Footwear A/W 2012 Review!

A couple of months ago, the lovely people at Evans sent me some of their new shoes from their A/W 2012 collection. I was randomly sent a pair of pumps, and a pair of winter boots. I was really excited to receive my new shoes and share them with you all. Below is my honest review of Evans shoes from their A/W 2012 collection.
Evans Brown Leather Lace Up Boots - Price N/A :

Fit : 0/5 - I requested a size 10, but was sent a size 8 and I couldn't fit these at all! With that said, I can't accurately rate the fit of these boots.

Quality : 2/5 - These boots are made of thin leather, and I'm not convinced that they will last very long. My favourite thing about these boots, are the grips on the outsole. Grips on shoes or boots for winter is a must! I honestly can't tell you the boots feel on, and therefore can't rate the quality of these boots accurately.

Comfort : 0/5 - I can't accurately rate the comfort of these boots.

Style : 2/5 - I wasn't to keen on the style of these boots when I received them. I really don't like the shape of the boots, or the material they're made out of; they're not something I would personally choose for myself to wear. The only thing I really liked about these boots, is the lace up detail on the back of them. 

Overall : 2/5 - There wasn't really much I could comment on about these boots. They're definitely not my favourite out of the two pairs I was sent, but I can appreciate Evans stepping out of their comfort zone. Evans still need to do a lot of work on their boots, but I can honestly see an improvement in terms of quality. However, the thick supportive grips on these boots have won my affection.

Evans Black Leather Bow Pumps - £45.00 :


Fit : 2/5 - I requested a size 10, and was sent a size 8 (most likely that was the only sample size available) so I can't accurately rate the fit of these shoes. However, with that said I did manage to squeeze my size 10 feet into them. Bearing that in mind, I say the fit of these shoes are very generous for it's size.

Quality : 4/5- These pumps are made of quality leather, and won't fall apart after a few wears like some of Evans other shoes in the past. One of my favourite things about these pumps, like the boots, are the grips on the outsole. For so long I've wanted a nice pair of pumps with supportive grips, so that I wouldn't be slipping and sliding everywhere. Another thing I really like about these shoes, is the extra padding for comfort. There's nothing worse than having thinly padded shoes. I definitely think these pumps are well made and more effort has been but into them in terms of quality.

Comfort : 3/5 - As these pumps are the wrong size I can't accurately rate comfort of these shoes. However, with the extra padding incorporated into these pumps, I feel that these shoes would be very comfortable when worn in the correct size.

Style : 3/5 - The style of these pumps are quite simple, perfect for everyday wear whether dressed up or down. I love the polka dot detail on the insole, it adds a nice trendy touch to the pumps. I'm not too keen on the leather bow, but it's something that I can overlook. I think these pumps would've been perfect with a toecap design, or even some diamante detail on the bow.

Overall : 3/5 - Although these pumps really couldn't fit me, I can definitely see a major improvement in terms of quality. I think with a few tweaks here and there, Evans could really produce high quality shoes for plus size women.

Thank you Evans for sending me your new styles from your A/W 2012 collection to try! I can't wait to see what you do next season.

If you're interested in viewing the Evans A/W footwear collection, please visit here : Evans A/W 2012 Footwear Collection

What do you think of the shoes I was sent? Do you like them?
Will you purchase any shoes from Evans this season?
Let me know!


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