Friday, 28 October 2011

Damn You Alexis SS12 Lookbook!

The Australian plus size brand Damn You Alexis has launched their 'Down The Way' SS12 lookbook featuring the stunning Robyn Lawley! This collection is  perfect for summer, with easy to wear pieces, a simple colour palette, and modern styling. Contrary to the edgier previous collection Femme Fatale, the SS12 collection showcases a romantic and softer feminine side to Damn You Alexis. Prints, sheer, denim, oversized t-shirts are some of the components that are incorporated into this collection. Personally I love anything sheer, so naturally the sheer milk maxi dress/skirt are my main favourites from this collection. I think this collection was designed for the woman who is simple and feminine, yet effortlessly sexy.  

Milk Skirt

Milk Dress

Damn You Alexis is also planning to launch a basic collection called 'Alexis'. The collection will consist of dresses, t-shirts, shorts, jackets and denim that form the basis of an on trend contemporary wardrobe at an affordable price. 'Alexis' by Damn You Alexis will continue to reproduce popular patterns and styles each season, updating colours and fabrics with the current trends.

Majority of the SS12 collection is now available online to purchase, and sizes range between AUS 16-26 (UK 18-28). The basic 'Alexis' collection will be available later on, along with the rest of the SS12 collection.

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Damn You Alexis 'Down The Way' SS12 Collection!



Thick Threads said...

i like it. it really does scream "summer is here so relax!" :)


Laura Hartshorne said...

What a lovely collection xx

Rachel said...

Wow - this looks incredible! I love lookbook season!

Sabrina said...

I am literally DYING that you posted this,.. a new line for me to be obsessed with. What a freaking find.


seena+style said...

Love the photos, love the blog!

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The Dumpy Duchess said...

beautiful! Great blog, I’m definitely following you! I hope you’ll visit my blog and follow me too! :o)

Ceri said...

I love these choices but I'm so pale I fear I would disappear if I wore milk! xxx

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