Monday, 9 May 2011

OOTD : Glowing in Coral....

Everybody knows how it feels to take numerous of photo's and end up being disappointed (especially bloggers) ; but I think it's about time we stop viewing ourselves so harshly. Society is constantly telling us, that we're not good enough, unless we look and dress a certain way. Personally, I'm done conforming to society's rules, I choose to be me, whether people like it or not.

I'm not a size 2, I don't have the latest fashion or gadgets, and I don't have a glamorous lifestyle, and that's okay! After years of being taunted about the way I look, I've grown through those painful experiences, and I love who I am now! My point is, don't let society dictate who you should be, that choice is only up to you! So embrace who you are, kick the haters to the curb, and strut your stuff!

And as for taking pictures, what you might consider your worst picture, someone else will see it as your very best. It's all about perspective, and beauty comes in all shapes and sizes; so just know that you are beautiful, regardless of what the camera says! ;)

Maxi Dress - OneStopPlus UK
Denim Shirt - Evans
Fringed Sandals - Simply Be
Accessories - New Look

"Real girls are curvy. Or skinny. Or fat, or thin, or chubby, or slender. Real girls are whatever the hell they want to be!"  - Unknown

 And with that my lovelies, I leave you with my anthem : India Arie - Video!



Blog to be Alive said...

I think you look gorgeous in this maxi dress! Orange is a great color for you. :)

Monique said...

I'm loving this look!! Coral has to be my fave color right now. Great message!

Weesha said...

Darling, you look beautiful! I love denim shirts with maxis and this colour is beautiful!

Thick Threads said...

you said it girl! be whatever the hell you wanna be!! and thats the most important thing, because then you are truly happy with yourself! you look absolutely fantastic in this red dress! i love it! i want it! and that denim shirt looks great with it! Love your accessories too! :)


Anaïs Seyo said...

Hi Chérie,
Merci for you nice note. It was realy pleasing.
You look Great ma belle !
Bisous bisous.

Lexy of BeautyFash said...

Very well said! AND YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL! Not only am I obsessed with maxi dresses this year, anything paired with a denim shirt gets an A+ in my book! :) I love the pop of turquoise in your accessories and lastly, those fringe sandals are adorbale!

QueenDiva said...

You look spectacular... you are glowing in your pics. As bloggers we are harder on our photos than others are... but you know what... i post them anyway... especially if i made a funny face or did something wierd... i post it... cause I'm not a model... I'm a person. I love you and your blog... you are truly a wonderful person... and blogger :)

LaCara said...

Thank you so much ladies! You guys are too sweet! :D

@BTBA - Thank you! :)

@Monique - I adore coral, it's doing it for me this season! Thank you!

@Lu - Thank you sweetie!

@Anita - Thank you sunshine! Live, lauh, love, and be free is my manifesto!

@Anais - merci beaucoup Chérie!

@Lexy - Why thank you hun, you're making me blush!! :D

@Yolanda - Thank you diva, I appreciate it! :D

Love to you all!!

<3 said...

It's bloggers like you who inspire women like me.
A positive outlook is the most important aspect of life.

Society has placed such bold barriers and it's nice to see us start to tumble them down.

Great post! Started following you on bloglovin' now. I found you through the #ftfcommunity facebook.

-Lauren Nicole of Front Row Spectator

LOCA said...

Hey LaCara, you look great in Coral, it is definitely your color. I'm a new follower of yours!


Ylenia said...

inspiring words. however, the pressure from the outside world is a lot and I am struggling to cope with it...

anyway, you look stunning in coral and I love this look of yours!!!

♥ Ylenia
from longuette

Laura Hartshorne said...

You look amazing in coral! Think I may try teaming my denim shirt with a maxi - its a great look. L xxx

LaCara said...

@Denise - Thank you sweetie!!

@Ylenia - It's very hard to overcome the stigma that society places on us. But this is exactly why we should rise above it! You're beautiful, and you don't need anything to bring you down! Thank you for your kind words!

@Laura - Thank you gorgeous!


Mode Plus said...

Loved the quote you let us see, love the look you owned, love the content you shared, love the confidence you portray. You are fabulous! Preach it sista :D

cherry vidal said...

couldn't have said it better myself! you are beautifuL! love the colour against your skin xoxo

VanoueLicious said...

You are gorgeous! This colour is definitely yours!

Fashion Tales.... said...

Love this colour on you. And well said dear! -xxoo

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