Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Swimsuits For All Review...

'Swimsuits For All' were kind enough to send me a swimsuit to review for them. Swimsuits For All, specialize in swimwear for plus-size women, with their standard range starting from size a US 8-16, and their plus-sizes starting from a US 18W-24; they also offer special sizes, starting from a US 26-34. They have a variety of swimwear, for everyone, and also offers swimwear accessories, such as cover ups and sarongs.

I chose the 'Slimming and Flirty Shock Waves Halter Swimsuit' by Penbrook, the style and colour is what caught my eye, and sealed the deal. Unfortunately, the swimsuit that I thought was perfect for me, didn't agree and didn't flatter my figure at all. But all hope wasn't lost, as it turns out, the swimsuit was perfect for my sister, and fellow blogger Lianna of 'Beauty Plus by Lianna'.

So here is her fabulous review, enjoy!

Hello beauties, today I'd like to share my Swimsuits For All, review with you all! When LaCara, offered me this swimsuit, I was really excited, because I needed a new swimsuit for my holiday this summer! :)


PROS : The swimsuit is gorgeous, and accentuates my figure. I like the halter neck detail, it's flirty and feminine, and makes this swimsuit more interesting. It's comfortable, and it holds me in at the right places. The material is stretchy, and smooth, so it isn't restricting or irritating, it allows you to breathe and move comfortably.

CONS :  The swimsuit doesn't support my chest, and it made me look uneven. I would've preferred if the swimsuit came with under-wiring or a built in bra, to give my chest a boost. I was also slightly disappointed with the colouring, because in the picture it looks a pretty navy and light blue, but it's actually black and white.

OVERALL :  8/10 - This swimsuit is of great quality, and I would definitely recommend, purchasing from Swimsuits For All, because they have a variety of swimwear for reasonable prices.

Thank you Lee, for your review! Hope this help ladies! Check out the links below for more information on Swimsuits For All. Make sure to check out Lianna's blog, and follow her on twitter (@bpbylianna).


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Thick Threads said...

coooohoool! thanks for the review. im browsing swim suits for this season. I will have to check them out. Super nice of them to send you one to review :D


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