Saturday, 9 April 2011

Fashion Alert! : Mat Fashion

Today, I came across a plus-size gem; Mat Fashion! I've never heard of the brand before, but I'm so glad that I've found them. Mat Fashions was founded by George and Marianthi Moneda in 1988. Their goal was to bring a "new standard" to plus-size fashion, which they've surpassed; and now they're an international leading brand! Their S/S 2011 Stylebook is fabulous! Their clothes are trendy, colourful, and have a youthful vibe. Mat Fashion, have chain stores located throughout Greece, along with stores located in Germany, Spain, Cyprus, and Bulgaria.

Mat Fashion's S/S 2011 Stylebook consists of 7 mini collections: Joy Sharing, Natural Flare, Spicy Mood, Hippy Chic, Cool Citizens, Denim Rock, and Dazzling; their Stylebook shows off their stylish designs and fashion forward styling!

I'm not sure whether they ship to the UK or the US, but I've contacted them, so I should know shortly, and I'll give you darlings an update! But for now, enjoy their amazing Stylebook; and you can view the whole Stylebook on their website!

Cool Citizens


Denim Rock

Hippy Chic

Natural Flare

Spicy Mood

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Have you heard of Mat Fashions? What are your thoughts on Mat Fashion? Drop me a comment and let me know!


Joy said...

Wow, I've never heard of them - thank you for sharing. No one could ever call these fashions matronly, that's for sure. I'm in love with the hippie chic. I hope they do ship to the UK & US!

Jennifer aka. Jasifer said...

I AM SOLD! omg, want it all, but most of all the 2nd pic, with the flowery dress. So pretty! Thanks for sharing. <3

Anita riot said...

hey cool! thanks sharing them! I am just checking out their site, they have so many amazing things!


Mode Plus said...

It is very popular here. Unfortunately we don't have a one MAT fashion store, so you have to search for pieces all over the country.

LaCara said...

Thanks ladies! I'm glad you like them! They're amazing! :D


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