Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Evans Photo Shoot with Robyn Lawley & Laura Wells...

WARNING : Picture heavy, and totally long over due! The writing in grey is linked, so go check out the sites!

Two weeks ago, the lovely Evans team invited me to their Summer '11 photoshoot with the gorgeous Laura Wells, and Robyn Lawley. The photo shoot took place at the minimalist Iris Studios, which is discreetly hidden from the public eye; I was greeted warmly by everyone, and settled in with ease. There are no words to describe how it felt to meet Laura & Robyn, it was beyond amazing!

They're so friendly and down-to-earth; they both introduced themselves, which was surreal, and I kept pinching myself the whole time. It was awesome to see them work together, they compliment each other beautifully, and their beauty just shines through. The atmosphere was simply amazing, it was relaxed, full of laughter, and pleasant! If you're looking for a studio in London, definitely check out Iris Studios, their service is impeccable!

Hair, was done by the fabulous Ben Cooke, who has been a hairstylist and session hairdresser for over 20 years. He is responsible for the most famous hairstyle of all time; the Victoria Beckham 'Pob'. He's worked with the Beckham's over the last six years, and some of his other high profile clientele include : Gwyneth Paltrow, Westlife, and Joely Richardson. Ben also works alongside designers, such as : Valentino, Dolce and Gabbana, and Versace. Not only is he popular amongst fashionistas, but he also owns his own hair salon, Lockonego, in the heart of Chelsea. 

Make-up, was done by the lovely Jaimee Thomas, whose work has been featured in numerous editorial spreads including, Elle, JFW Magazine, and Dansk. She originally wanted to become an actress, but crossed over the fashion industry. Her job allows her to express herself, and be creative!

Jason Hertherington was the photographer of the day, he's really cool and funny, he kept everyone laughing all day. He's worked with various stars and models, such as,  Beth Ditto, Lara Stone, Vivenne Westwood, Pharell Williams, and Kayne West. He also took my picture with Laura & Robyn, which was the highlight of my day!

Laura, myself, and Robyn - by Jason Hertherington

The girls having a laugh!

Bold tribal/aztec prints, florals, and versatile maxi dresses and skirts, were some of the main things I saw amongst the summer line. There was definitely more colour present in this line, which is great, and as always, their accessories & shoes, were gorgeous. There were a lot of pieces that caught my eye, especially the in shoe department. I did have a long chat with the Evans team, talking about what the curvy community would like from them as a plus-size brand, and they've seemed to have taken my comments on board. They are aware of the issues and our comments, so don't think they're going unnoticed.

Overall, it was such a phenomenal experience! I'm excited for the summer line to launch, there are definitely some pieces that need to be added to my wardrobe! A huge thanks to the Evans team, for once again inviting me to their awesome photo shoot, I had a wonderful time!


The Notorious ZAG said...

How awesome for you!! Everything looked wonderful... and your dress... honey... I NEED THAT THANG IN MY LIFE!! It's gorgeous!! You are shining in that photo with them. I'm so happy that you had a good experience and a swell time. Congrats on such a special invitation!

Thick Threads said...

amazinggg!! Congrats on the invitation! The pictures all look like you had so much fun! and who wouldnt! you look amazing love that peacock dress you had on too :) also i want all ofthe things in the pictures! hehehe super post!


cherry vidal said...

wow go girly!what an experience i would have been pinchinging myself too, you totally rocked in the picture you are all beautiful! xoxo

LaCara said...

N'awww thank you ladies, I appreciate your kind words and support! Love to you all! :D


Tiffany W said...

This is great! I love the jewelry and prints. You're glowing too.

Mode Plus said...

You look amazing! And another insightful report. Can I b your PA, so I can go too? ;)

dc said...

Love this post, you look great and I would like to buy everything!!!!

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