Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Look of the Day : Casual Spring

This is probably my ultimate spring outfit, that combines two of my favorite things; neutrals & teal. I'm a fanatic for any neutral/nude shades, and on the other hand,  I love the vibrancy of blues/greens. A neutral outfit, with pops of color is my kryptonite.

I am trying to add more color into my wardrobe, but my love for nudes, taupe's, and creams are still strong, so I'm taking baby steps. For me, neutrals are timeless, and easy to wear. It will forever be my first fashion love, and I always seem to reach for a neutral piece. This spring is no exception, I will be wearing my muted tones throughout the season; and once in a while, I might add some bold color.

Casual Spring Outfit :

Evans - Short Sleeve Stone Pocket Top - £29.50
Evans - Mink Drape Harem Trousers - £25.00
Evans - Peacock Disc Earrings - £8.50
Simply Be - Multi Pack Bangles - £15.00
Evans - Mix Shape Collar Necklace - £10.00
Simply Be - Fiorelli Ingrid Emeral Leather Purse - £25.00
ASOS - Horizon Leather Buckle & Canvas Wedges - £55.00

What is your ultimate Spring outfit? Are you a fan of neutrals, or do you prefer bold colors?

Drop me a comment, and let me know!


Anika said...

I absolutely adore this look, I would so love to see it on you, and I would totally wear it my self too :) These muted colours are great, I love muted chic! And I love you. <3

IcedGem said...

Im looking forward to wearing creams and nudes but i love the understated blue you've used, great choice x

LaCara said...

@ Anika - Thank you my love! Don't worry it'll be mine soon! ;D
And I love you too!!!

@ IcedGem - Yay! I love nudes & creams so much, it's an obsession hahaha! Thank you! :D


Beth said...

Love this look! lovely neutral colours for spring!

Sweet said...

I absolutely love the post...and the colors on it but right now I am more attracted to bold colors such as bright orange and red...sometimes a touch of green and purple will do...

I do love the wedges and the bangles...


thomessa said...

Hello! This set has gorgeous colors in it! The pop of the blue is so subtle but makes a statement! I love it! :)

viviane said...

what a great outfit, love your blog :)

pretty said...

Wow..very great stuff.. i'd love to wear them all.. it's so adorable..

pretty said...

Wow..very great stuff.. i'd love to wear them all.. it's so adorable..

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