Thursday, 6 January 2011

Jessica London Review : The Cape

The lovely people at Jessica London, sent me this fashionable cape to review for them. I jumped at the opportunity, because I was in dire need of a new winter coat (or cape), so my fashion prayers were answered in the nick of time!

Me posing in the cold  &  it started drizzling :(

PROS : I am in love with this cape! I love the texture of the material, it's a wool/polyester blend, which means it's super soft to the touch. It's lightweight, which is perfect for me, because I dislike heavy or bulky coats. It covers me up very well, I was slightly worried about the length of the cape, as I didn't think it would cover up my lower half of my body, but it does. I love the funnel neck detail, perfect for those chilly days, where I can just pull up the collar for added warmth. The cape is true to size, and falls just below the hips.

CONS : The material picks up lint quite easily. So I have to use the lint roller quite regularly, but other than that, it's perfect.

However, Jessica London, doesn't ship internationally, so it was very difficult getting this lovely cape into the UK. So if you live outside the US, I would suggest using MyUS or use family/friends to get it shipped to you.

OVERALL : 8/10 - I would definitely recommend this cape, it'll see you through from winter to spring.

Jessica London is currently having a 70% sale, and have just released some new arrivals for Spring 2011.

For more information, and the latest plus-size fashion,

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Anika said...

sweetheart you look so beautiful! That cape looks fab, very interesting to read your review of it :) I would love to have one, but with the cold and wind and snow over here I really would only be able to get away with it for a litmited amount of time. And you know, I would rather spend my money on dresses then :) Your hair looks wonderful, showing off your pretty face. I still maintain that OOTDs from you would be a big hit, we could get some outfits in London, and I still haven`t forgotten about sewing you a dress. love u lots LaCara. <3

LaCara said...

Thank you ever so much Anika!! I can't wait to see you! I'm working on the OOTD's...just building up my wardrobe slowly but surely. And I can't wait to own one of your beautiful designs! :D

Lot's of love!!

NEM1976 said...

So glad to see you in an OOTD. Yay!!! I never heard of MyUs, so I'll be checking that out. That cape fits well and you look so cute. All covered up. Want to see more :)

CurvyEveryday said...

You look great in this cape. I think Lint is the price you have to pay with black coats. I love seeing you in OOTD's too

LaCara said...

Thanks ladies!! :D

@Nem - thank you sweetie! I'm working on the OOTD's lol!

@CurvyEveryday - thank you hun! I agree, anything black will show up lint and everything else. There will be OOTD's soon :)


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