Sunday, 21 November 2010

Disappointment Sucks....

On Saturday, I went to Lakeside, one of the biggest shopping centers in the UK that has over 250 stores. Out of those 250 stores, there is only 3 "plus-size" stores available (excluding the straight sized stores that carried plus-sizes!), Evans, Yours, and Ann Harvey. I didn't bother to go into Ann Harvey, because it's too expensive and old-fashioned for my tastes. So I was only left with two options, Evans and Yours.

I first went into Yours, and was hit with the colors, black, purple, grey, and some more black. There were a few pops of teal, and some abstract prints, but nonetheless it was majority black, purple, grey, and some more black. I pushed my scepticism to the side, and began to rummage through the racks. Not only were the color options displeasing, there were hardly any options in my size! Barely, anything went above a size 22, which was extremely frustrating. Now I understand it's that crazy time of year, where we all go on a shopping frenzy, and perhaps, people got in there early to avoid disappointment (unlike myself),  but it seemed only the smaller sizes were on display! I also noticed while going through some long sleeved cardigans, that the bigger sizes were pushed all the way into the back, making it nearly impossible to reach them! Also, the clothes themselves looked like they would barely fit me! To be honest, I felt like I was in a straight-sized store because, the clothes looked extremely small, and my size wasn't truly available. I did see some cute things, but they didn't have my size. I did manage to find a striped sweater, that I picked up reluctantly and desperately, because I finally found something in my size. So I left Yours, disappointed, with a striped sweater and a pretty scarf.

I then went into the British Heart Foundation, and tried my hand at thrifting. I didn't have high expectations in regards to actually finding something in my size. However, I did have high hopes for accessories. I walked in, and was immediately drawn to some beautiful teal colored jewellery, then I looked at the price, and immediately lost interest. I walked around, and found this pretty gold scarf with flower detail, which I picked up, before anyone else could. I then walked over to where the bags were, and found this pretty blush pink clutch, and a mint snake skin clutch. The clothes were a hit and miss, they didn't really have any plus-sizes available (go figure), but I did see a couple of size 18's and only one size 22.  So I left the store, slightly disappointed, because even though I thrifted some gorgeous accessories, they're not going to keep me warm, but nonetheless I'm very happy with what did I manage to find.

I then hopped over to Evans, hoping and praying I would find something to my liking. I've never left Evans disappointed, but as that saying goes "never say never". The store was decked out in Gary Fernández’s illustrated work, which made the store very inviting. I really loved how the store was set up, it was spacious and cool. The staff were extremely helpful, lively, and friendly, they truly made me feel welcomed. So I went directly to the sale rack, and found the 'Tiered Floral Maxi' dress, that I'd been lusting over for so long, fortunately it was in my size, so I went to the changing rooms with a smile on my face. Unfortunately, I left the changing rooms with a scowl on my face. The dress barely went over my bust, when I finally did manage to get over my assets, my right side girl was left more exposed than Janet Jackson's nipple slip. So I continued to put on the dress, when it finally flowed down to my feet, I wanted to get it straight off. It clung to all the wrong areas of my body, not to mention my right side girl was still exposed, no matter how much adjusting I did, it just didn't work. So, the hunt continued, I went back to the sale rack determined to find something. After about another 15 minutes of non-stop looking, I gave up. I wandered around the store trying to find something, but I noticed that my size was hardly available (doesn't that sound familiar!). I also noticed, that the clothes looked extremely small, once again I felt like I was in a straight-sized store!  The only thing that truly caught my eye, was the Ruby Rock collection, which I didn't bother to go look at, because they only go up to a size 26. I finally came to the realisation, that I wasn't going to find anything to wear. For the first time, I left Evans disappointed, with only a pretty ring in tow. I guess there is a first time for everything.

The funny thing is, Lakeside's slogan is "Spoilt for Choice", erm I beg to differ, you're only spoilt for choice if you're a size 18 and below. I think there should have been more options or more space available for plus-size fashion stores!  I doubt if I'll go back to Lakeside, and if I do, it won't be until a very long time. I guess I'll have to order online or try my local Evans, to find something this winter. It's getting extremely cold outside, I can't continue to layer my summer clothes for much longer. I don't expect Evans or Yours, to stock everything from online, to in store. However, what I do expect is a little more variety, perhaps actually putting out the larger sizes, so people like me can actually have a choice! The more I think about it, I should just start making my own clothes, to avoid disappointment and save money. Or maybe, I should just lose weight, so I can go into the straight-sized stores and find something fashionable to wear. Either way, something has got to change! I'm rarely in a foul mood, but after Saturday, I've been in a real funk! Hopefully by tomorrow, I should be back to normal.

I hope all of you, had a better weekend than I did! I should be back to posting regularly this week, if I can find inspiration. To be honest, I don't know what to write about anymore.

Here are my purchases :

Yours - Stripe Sweater - £14

Yours - Scarf - £6

British Heart Foundation - Gold Scarf - £3.99

Upclose detail...

British Heart Foundation - Clutch - £2.99

Favorite Purchase!
British Heart Foundation - H&M Clutch - £4.99

Evans - Ring - £3

Have you ever left a store disappointed? What do you think needs to be improved in plus-size stores?  Drop me a comment and let me know!


cherry vidal said...

awwwww sorry to hear that hun, i know what its like i feel like that everytime i go shopping hence why i am such a fan of online shopping!
i went to lakeside and had the same experience there was nothing there for us plus size beauties! i'm sure you would find more in your local area than lakeside, like you said good if your straight sized and if your a size 16, 18 is too generous!
i know your finds won't keep ypu warm but at least you came home with something! You love fashion soo much make your own clothes to fashion your body, dont fashion your body for the clothes (if that makes any sense)

charmed-chick said...

i totally agree with you about shops only stocking sizes 18 and below, it makes you not want to try clothes on at all. on a positive note i have that exact same skin colored clutch i brought it years ago and ive never used it cant remember where i got it from though. love all your buys. X

Envy Chic said...

I think this starts to happen as soon as the clothing is labeled a size 12. By the fashion world's standards, I'm plus sized, and I find it hard to find dresses for myself. I know it has to be hard for the size 18 and up. It sucks that you were amped to find something, but ended up disappointed. I think if you have the time and patience, you should make some of your own clothes, Instead of wasting time with stores who don't sell what's advertised.

NEM1976 said...

Ohhw, I'm sorry to hear your weekend didn't go as you've planned. Hopefully just spilling your thoughts to us may give you room and energy again. I'll admit that even with all these plus size brands (online or not) it's still can't match up to what straight size gals have at their disposal. I understand your thinking a) lose weight b) start DIY. Go treat yourself to something that will relax your body and clear your mind. Tomorrow we will continue this ongoing battle. A big hug :)

LaCara said...

Thanks ladies for your support, it means the world to me!

@ Cherry - I expected a lot from Lakeside, because there's so much hype about it. I understand what you mean, but for me online shopping is a hit and miss, most of the time I return the stuff I order, because it doesn't fit or look right. I prefer to try things on, but lately I can't do that eiter.

@ Charmed-Chick - It's ridiculous, but hopefully they'll start stocking sizes 18 and above in larger quantities. Oooo were clutch twins ;D

@ Tiffany - I think I may as well make my own clothes, that way I can be pleased and not be disappointed. When stuff like this happens, it makes me wonder, how I have any clothes at all.

@ Nem - Thanks Nem, I really needed to hear that! Getting it off my chest is making me feel slightly better :)

Love you all!! Thanks for listening! :)


emily+fashion said...

I know the feeling and it was comforting to see someone else experiencing the same. What I hate most is when it is obvious that stores run out of the larger sizes first and you're just left with tons of smalls and mediums. You would think they would learn and stock up on the larger sizes, but no :(

Lianna Marie said...

Can I have my camera back now please???? You forgot to mention you had a nice time with me mom & chris how rude :( love you really

Weesha said...

shopping trip fails can put anyone in a bad mood, I'm so sorry hun. And that is pretty awful- I mean plus size stores are supposed to make you happy not like you should be losing weight! Maybe online shopping? But that can be expensive sometimes. We have good tailors here who make custom clothing at cheap rates, do you have that option there??

Vanessa said...

what a frustrating experience! I feel for you! I mean, you had money to spend, and to not be able to find much of what you want? That's just too bad. These retailers are missing out and missing the point.
But, I do love that gorgeous ring that you found. I love the gold and earthy tones. It will look magnificent!

LaCara said...

@ Emily - least I'm not the only one ehh....I mean retailers know there is a demand for larger sizes, and refuse to promote them, it makes people my size left out, which is depressing and frustrating.

@ Lianna - Shhh, you'll get your camera soon! And yes, I had a lovely time with Chris, Mama, and yourself :)

@ Lu - I'll have to look around, but most likely it'll cost me an arm and a leg :(

@ Vanessa - it was extremely frustrating, it really got me down. But finding this ring did perk me up a little bit, shame it won't keep me warm lol.


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