Monday, 25 October 2010

Fashion is Art....

Lately I've been feeling uninspired....

But when I look at fashion photography, I remember why I love fashion so much.  Fashion is more than just pretty clothes, it's art. Sketches, textures, layers, fabric, and patterns, are some of the things I learnt about in art & textile class, and these are some of the components that make up fashion.

Julia Rotifeld

Photographer - James Nader

Crystal Renn - Photographer - Sky Parrott

Fashion is moving art, captured in a moment of time.

I came across this editorial, and was moved by the passion that exudes from these pictures. No words, let the photographs tell the story.


"Top model Ben Grimes and Peter Cairns stars in a sensual black and white story by Sohrab Vahdat coming from the 3rd edition of Fashion Journal Supplementaire." - Design Scene

Fashion Journal : Supplementaire
Editorial : Resistance
Styling : Ella Dror
Makeup : Ken Nakano
Hair : Koji Ichikawa
Photographers Assistant : Liam Warwick, Dante Lui
Models : Ben Grimes & Peter Cairns
Photographer : Sohrab Vahdat

After looking through hundreds of editorial shoots, I'm starting to feel that tingling sensation in my hands once more, it's a sign to let me know, that I am ready to write again. I've regained inspiration.

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May said...

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