Tuesday, 21 September 2010

"Plus-Size Women Get Real".... - Passion Jonesz

If you haven't heard of Passion Jonesz, you're seriously slipping. She is a fab plus-size Youtuber, and I adore her videos and her style. She recently just posted a video about women (specifically plus-size women) disrespecting themselves, and she's right on target. Check out the video below.


Make sure you suscribe to Passion Jonesz Youtube Channel - http://youtube.com/user/PassionJonesz

And to follow her blog - http://passionjonesz313.blogspot.com


Anika Sweetfaced Style said...

hi my lovely friend, thanks for sharing! I didn`t know her. big hugs <3

Iryna (IRENE) Ugryn said...

thanks for sharing,she is cool, man :)
Irene xo

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