Thursday, 9 September 2010

I Heart Boys...

I know, this isn't fashion related, but I couldn't resist, guys are my kryptonite! Anyhoo the fabulous Stephanie did a Top 5 Male Celebrity CrushTag, and I decided I want to get involved! The aim of the tag, is to name and include pictures of your top 5 male celebrity crushes. Pretty simple, the only hard thing is narrowing down my list of male hotties!

My Top 5 Male Celebrity Crushes :

Jensen Ackles - He plays Dean Winchester on Supernatural - and he's married :'(

Yeah I love Supernatural ;D

Jared Padalecki - He plays Sam Winchester on Supernatural - he's married too :'(

Jesse Williams - He plays Dr. Jackson Avery on Grey's Anatomy

Taylor Lautner - He's plays Jacob from Twilight

Pharrell Williams He's a music producer - I swear this man does not age, which makes him even hotter!

I tag everyone!!
These are my choices, who are yours?


Natalie Mulford said...

Ohh! I'm going to do this on my blog.

Also, I've met 3 of your top 5! :P

LaCara said...

@ Natalie - Ahhh you're so lucky! Which 3 did you meet? Did you take pics? :D


Bhakti 'Nevermind' said...

Jensen Ackles is bloody hot! xx

sara said...

hey! when did Jared get married? damn! I've been missing out on those news. I agree on Jensen though... he's been my crush since his days on Days of our Lives... yeah I even loved him with his nasty hair on Dawson's Creek. haha

StephanieDJL said...

Isn't this tag fabulous? I probably could have done a Top 100 LOL ;D wait... there's an idea! ;)

Pharrell is so fineeee maybe I should start watching Supernatural too ;)

IcedGem said...

NOOOOOO JARED (SAM) IS MARRIED!?!?!? I am gutted...shes one lucky lady lying next to THAT every night.. Oh well a new day, a new boy. haha xx

LaCara said...

You guys are too funny! :D

@ Bhakti - isn't he!

@ Sara - Yes! I was soooo disappointed, now I can't have my wicked way with him :'(! LOL

@ Steph - oohh yes! This tag is divine, it took me awhile to choose, there were so many hahaha! Oh yes, start watching Supernatural, you won't be disappointed ;D

@ IcedGem - Yep both of them! Yes their women are EXTREMELY lucky! Yeahhhh there are more hotties out there lmao!


ontheqtrain said...

There is a lot of SEX in this post lol

Anonymous said...

i don't care if this isn't fashion related because it's wonderful. i love me some sexy men!

Natalie Mulford said...

I've met Jared, Jensen & Taylor. I spent pretty much 4 days with Taylor actually! LOL

You can see some of the professional photos here -->

LaCara said...

@ Natalie - OMG you're sooooo lucky!!! I wish I was there!!;D

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