Friday, 20 August 2010

Going Places....

SHOESBEKISTAN : Missoni jacket $4,520, bustier, $705, shorts, $840, collar and shoe (worn around neck). Go to Duro OLowu skirt (worn around neck), $920. Go to Etro shoes (worn around neck) and earrings. Lanvin shoe (worn around neck). Alexis Bittar necklaces. Matteo Sack earth duvet (background)
Photographer : Mark Segal. Fashion Editor : David Vandewal

For the fashion story “Going Places,” the stylist David Vandewal and the photographer Mark Segal took fall’s nomadic trend and ran with it. Their concept? A woman who travels the world and wears her souvenirs on her sleeves. Think of it as fashion without borders.


Courtesy of T-magazine


Jennifer aka. Jasifer said...

I love exploring different cultures, and travelling so I DIG THIS! :D <3

Anika Sweetfaced Style said...

such a great idea! she wears her souvenirs on her sleeves.. love the creatitity of it. thanks for sharing!
I am now finally on twitter, are you? look me up at AnikaSweetface! sending you big love, and hope we get to meet some day :) xx

LaCara said...

I love it too! She looks like a fashion warrior, and I love how strong she looks!

@ Anika - yay! I have twitter, I'll look you up hun. And I would love to meet up some day! :D


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