Friday, 4 June 2010

DollyMixx : My First Review

Hello dolls, I hope all of you are well! Thank goodness it's Friday! :D
So yesterday I received my prizes from the lovely Georgina of Cupcake's Clothes and it got here super fast, she posted it out on Tuesday, (as Monday was Bank holiday Monday). So it got here within two days and that is really good. The box was super cute, it had all these gorgeous little decorations and I didn't want to damage the box, so I was really careful when I opened it. I won 3 hair accessories, a bracelet, and a ring.

For those of you who didn't know, Georgina is the owner and creator of Dollymixx, which provides "a eclectic selection of fun jewellery and accessories." Her pieces are inspired by :  

"Asian influences, and a love of food. Dolly Mixx aims to combine the two to create unique jewellery that you will love wearing!"

And oh how I love my new goodies! I am absolutely head over heels in love with my new ring, it is to cute! The only thing I would say is, while the ring is adjustable the metal is quite sharp so when you adjust it, the ring nips at your finger a little bit, other than that the ring is fabulous. Now I was quite sceptical about the bracelet fitting, because it looked tiny but to my surprise it fit and looks quite nice on me. The charms are delightful, there is even one heart charm that opens. The hair accessories are very girlie which I like, and I'll definitely be using them quite soon. I am definitely going to buy some of Georgina’s pieces they are of high quality at affordable prices, so go check out her website you won't be disappointed.

Front of the box - isn't it cute! Sorry if it looks dark, I took the pics on my BB

Back of the box

Front of the card - how cute is that!

Back of the card 

The charms on the bracelet - excuse the hairy-ness lol

The pearl side of the bracelet

It is too cute!

Well ladies that is my review, and I hope all of you have an awesome weekend!


BBM said...

all of these are like candy! love it!

Monique said...

That bow ring is too fab!!

LaCara said...

Thank you ladies!

@ BBM - lol I know! I can't wait to order more!
@ Monique - it truly is fab, it is too cute!


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