Tuesday, 29 June 2010

30 Letters of Summer : Day 11 - A Deceased Person You wish You Could Talk To

Dear Bob Ross,
You are my inspiration, you are still my favourite artist of all time. You inspire most of my paintings, and when I paint I feel like you guide me. I watch re-runs of your show, I truly love it! You had the most soothing voice, and your talent was beyond amazing. I used to get up early to catch your show, and I would often fall asleep because your voice was so soothing, that it lulled me back to sleep; surprisingly I seemed to retain the information you shared even though I fell asleep lol. I loved it when you would paint anything to do with water, from your sea shore landscapes to your water streams in the woods, I absolutely adored it. Even though you’ve passed away, your spirit lives on through your work, from every intricate detail to the most beautiful “happy accidents” I’ve ever seen lol, I am forever inspired by you. When I look at my paintings I automatically think of you, and although my talent is no where near as great as yours, I’m proud of them, because you’ve taught me so much. I wish I got the chance to meet you, because you were such a kind person with a kind heart. I hope, you are at peace, because you deserve it.
With Love,


Some of Bob Ross' s work

I chose to paint this for my art pre-exam...I then had to come up with something of my own


BBM said...

what an awesome challenge and an awesome artist! great feature love! xoxo!

Fashion Butter said...

I used to watch his show when I was a kid. It was mesmerizing!

Charleston said...

gorgeous pictures, thanks for sharing x


LaCara said...

Thank you guys! =D

@ BBM - Thank you sweetie =D
@ Fashion Butter - Definitely, I love his show!
@ Charleston - Thanks =)


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