Saturday, 19 June 2010

30 Letters of Summer : Day 1 - Your Best Friend

Dear Sanel and Sultana,

My sweet Cileks, you have no idea how I love you! I never thought I’d ever have genuine friends, then you two came along. Meeting you both for the first time, I didn’t expect us to become what we are today. I started with one sister, now I have three! You both bring me so much joy and laughter. You are my family, and I can’t imagine my life without you. We’ve had so many good times, and we are really good together! We’ve formed something so special, it feels like our own little club, well actually we do have our own club (The Bliss Club, duhhh LaCara! LOL). You both bring something different to our “club”.

Mama Sanel, your witty remarks and sarcastic one-liners never fail to make me laugh! I love how creative and compassionate you are. You are so wise and kind, and what more can I say? You’re amazing! When I first met you, you was so quiet (or so I thought) and shy (I was definitely wrong). Then BAM out of no where, you came alive, like a white and black cartoon that finally got coloured in LOL! I was blown away by your banging personality. You’re so strong, and your strength pushes me to be strong too. With your “Italian - Vampire Mafia” I’m complied to compliment you, LOL (I tease)! I can actually hear you say “Yeah you better init!”. Oh Bella, I seriously would be very sad if I ever lost you! I wish you nothing but success, love and happiness, because you deserve it! Although I wish you’d take back your insomnia, because I haven’t slept a bloody wink coz of you mate! ( Cockney Accent lol! :P )

Mama Sultana, you are my bring me never ending laughter! You are so funny, sometimes I don’t think you’re aware of  how funny you are, the jokes you give me are priceless! You’re so intelligent and bright, I can literally talk to you about anything and everything! I love who you are, you’re definitely a star! When I first met you, you intimidated the hell outta me! Especially when you said I talked too much ¬_¬ LOL! Then when I started getting to know you, I knew you was a keeper. With your hilarious tales of your brothers, and daily public transport hassles, how can I not love you! What I admire the most about you is your maturity and elegance, (with your 5inch heels), you’ve been through a lot with the “Incest Twins” (LOOL), but you came out on top, because you didn’t stoop to their level, which takes a lot of strength and discipline, so you go girlfriend! If I lost you, I would be very sad, I really can’t imagine you gone from my life! I wish you nothing but success, love, and happiness sweetie!

You both are my sunshine, and I don’t know how many times I can say that I love you both! We’ve had so many jokes, and I can honestly say we have never had a fallen out (knock on wood)! I can be honest with you both, which means a lot to me, because in my past “friendships” I did feel very restrictive which caused me to leave the friendship silently. But with you two, ya’ll are stuck with me until they day we get old!

I love you, Te Quiero, Seni Seviyorum, Ami Tomake Bhalobashi


<3 <3 <3

Sultana, myself, and Sanel

This was the only good pic I have, if someone (Sultana) would re-activated their fb I would've chosen a better picture of us!


Weesha said...

Wow this is a big project, and an emotional one too. You are a beautiful writer hun, I'm so eager to see all your letters till the end :)

LaCara said...

Yes it is Lu! Thank you so much, I hope it's interesting enough to read lol!


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