Saturday, 22 May 2010

You're fat so you must... : Fat Myths Debunked

Myths have been around for many centuries, and there have been many myths especially about fat people. It is no surprise in the 21st century, that society dislikes fat people, with so many “slim - gym” fanatics in the world, fat people just don’t seem to belong in society. Sometimes I feel like the main stream media and society, make fat people out to be like another species, just because we don’t seem to “fit” ( and I mean that quite literally lol ) their standards. Well I thought why not debunk the myths so that they could understand us better.

Myths of Fat People :

1. “Fat people are lazy and slow” - False. This is not true, just because some is fat does not make them lazy or slow. You can’t make that assumption based on weight, and last time I looked there wasn’t a weight criteria to be considered lazy or slow, it’s down to the individual.

2. “Fat people are always hungry” - False. This is not true, who doesn’t get hungry? Again you can’t make this assumption based on someone’s appearance or weight, I know a lot of people who are always hungry and they’re skinny! Again it comes down to the individual.

3. “Fat people are unhappy being fat” - False. This is not true, many fat people are comfortable with who they are and what they look like, they’re unhappy about how society regards fat people. I suggest looking up the “Fat Acceptance Movement”. Also body image and self-image are two different things. You can have a healthy self-image (how you perceive yourself to be) whether or not you are happy about your body.

4. “Fat people can’t find love” - False. Again since when does finding love have a weight criteria? This is simply not true, and quite ignorant. Anyone can find love, love is not defined by weight.

5. “Fat people do not have any dress sense” - FALSE! All I have to say is take a look at the blog links I have, and tell me you don’t think these women know how to dress.

6. “Fat people are unhygienic” - False, this definitely doesn’t have a weight criteria, stinky/funky/nasty etc. come in ALL shapes and sizes.

7. “Fat people are stupid” - FALSE! I pride myself on knowledge and intelligence, and I’m fat. This has no truth or proof what so ever.

8. “Fat people are unattractive” - False, attraction is based on the individual. As the saying goes “another man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. (I am not calling fat people trash, it’s just a saying!)

I think I’ve debunked most of the myths, if you have anymore please comment and let me know.

So tell me, how do you feel about these myths, do they even affect you? Drop me a comment, and  let me know!


Sarai said...

Subscrition coming YOUR way.

Dude, I am so happy you put this post up.
So random, I don't know how I found you.
but anyways back on topic.

As a curvy woman myself I too understand these mind fucked screwed patterns of thinking. Being conditioned(if you were born in the 80's era on out) throughout these past years have something to do with it definitely. It's slowly changing, we will get there.

Thanx for the wonderful read momma and TC,

TigeressKitten said...

Yeah, that just about covers everthing ignorant people think about people who have a little extra cushion. I really dislike ignorant people. It's one thing to be unknowing, it's quite another to assume things about people without trying to find out the trueth.

FatshionablyChubby said...

Great post! People are so ignorant and its 2010 anyone who didn't know the answers to these questions should be ashamed..!

Kiyanna Shanay said...

I love this. It's sad though that you can show this to all those ignorant people and they still won't get it

LaCara said...

Thank you ladies :D

@ Sarai - I agree, I think we will see a change, but it's going to take awhile. People need to realise there are many shapes and sizes, if everyone was meant to be skinny then there would be no fat people. Everyone is different, and I want society to realise fat people are human too!

@ Tigeress Kitten - I hear ya girl, when people look at me they assume all of these things, and I gain ALOT of satisfaction when I blow their mind and prove them wrong.

@ Fatshionably Chubby - Amen girl! ;D

@ Kiyanna - Yes that is very true. And that's the media and society's doing, they brainwash people into believing some outrageous things. If people took the time to think for themselves the world would be a better place.

Much love to all of you!

Fat Nurse said...

Wise words, well written. Some of these myths are rediculous and just make me think why the hell these people are still alive. Natural selection anyone?

Jennifer aka. Jasifer said...

Awesome post! you're so smart and beautiful! :) I'm totally with you on all the myths. you got it spot on! <3 it's stupid how some people have those thoughts about largers people.

LaCara said...

@ Fat Nurse - thank you so much, it is ridiculous, what's more ridiculous is that alot of people have this mentality unfortunately. But I look at the women in the fat blogger community and I find inspiration and beauty which only confirms these beliefs as myths.

LaCara said...

@ Jennifer - Thank you gorgeous! :D <3

Fashion Butter said...

Ug, these myths are more proof of how truly ignorant people can be.

Great post. Well said.

Who are you Weesha? said...

Seriously, people think these are true?? Damn, they need to check my blog roll- everyone on it proves these stupid myths false.

Niviarsiaq said...

oh my god. best post ever! Seriously, I hate when people make stupid assumptions like that. I definately take care of my self and my body- and I work out too! Another thing you might add: fat people don't work out- false!
you are a rockstar girl! love this blog!

LaCara said...

@ Fashion Butter - Thank you honey :)

@ Weesha - Well I had to set the record straight ;)

@ Niviarsiaq - Thank you! :D I agree they don't even know you personally and assume because you're fat, you don't take care of yourself.


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